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Rajesh Meda | September 15, 2016
Overview IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a Decision Management tool that is used for maintaining business decisions by Fortune 500 companies across various business domains. ODM enables business users to create, update, modify, and delete business rules. ODM provides three different types of rule artifacts: BAL rule, decision table, and decision tree. The decision table is the most... + continue reading
Wajahath Khan | September 12, 2016
Information security has become a continuing concern in all areas of an Information system. Security is neither a product nor a software; it is a discipline that needs to be taken into consideration in any organizational decision. It is indeed true that there is no such thing as a completely secure system. But it is also correct that by increasing the security measures that protect your assets,... + continue reading
Arup Datta | September 9, 2016
IBM Bluemix, a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) developed by IBM, supports integrated DevOps to manage application development from start to finish on the cloud. Bluemix is based on the Cloud Foundry open source technology, and runs on the SoftLayer infrastructure. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a simple web application using IBM Bluemix DevOps services, deploy it to the IBM... + continue reading
Eric Poulin | September 9, 2016
Adding weather adds big value to big data Today, there’s more — and richer — data than ever before. But even the best information is useless unless you know how to use it. That’s where Prolifics comes in. Over 35 years across multiple industries, we’ve helped some of the best known brands make sense of complex data from multiple sources — automating... + continue reading
Andy Thurai | September 8, 2016
The United States spends around 17-18% of its GDP on healthcare every year. When you put this into dollar numbers, it is a mind-boggling $2.9 trillion. Unfortunately, that spending will grow at a faster rate now due to baby boomers becoming an aging population, and they are the largest demographic in the U.S. (Baby boomers are about 76 million, which accounts for 25% of the population of the U.S... + continue reading
Rajeev Sharma | September 1, 2016
In my last post, I talked about the ability to quickly generate APIs using the LoopBack framework. Today, I’m going to give you a short summary on some more features which may come in handy in real-time API development that is based on the Node.js LoopBack framework.  Adding New Methods to Remote API As we saw in the last post, LoopBack automatically generates API methods for... + continue reading