Thanks for Joining Prolifics & IBM at IBM Impact 2013!

IBM Impact 2013 lived up to its reputation for presenting the latest in creating innovative solutions for operations, channels and processes using IBM technologies. Thanks to everyone who attended our presentations or stopped by the booth to speak with us!

We are pleased to announce that at IBM Impact 2103 Prolifics was chosen as finalist for two awards - Best of Show and the Smarter Process Award. These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our consultants as well as the innovative solutions they create for our customers.

Fast Forward your Business with BPM, Integration and Mobile Solutions by Prolifics

BPM, Case Management and Decision Management
Process optimization, automation and advisory - Prolifics helps organizations continuously improve the processes that drive their business, enabling them to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Business rules and event management - Prolifics' solutions deliver business agility with the power to intelligently automate a wide range of decisions across business processes and applications.
Content workflow and lifecycle management - Prolifics' case management solutions enable organizations to unite information, process and people to provide a comprehensive view of case information and achieve optimized outcomes.
Messaging, Connectivity and Integration
Partner application and systems integration - Prolifics' WebSphere MQ experts deliver universal messaging solutions that enable rapid, reliable and secure information exchange between applications and across organizations.
Simple, secure integration gateway with DataPower - Prolifics helps organizations to simplify, secure and optimize the delivery of services and applications within an enterprise and across mobile and cloud environments.
Flexible integration bus with Message Broker - Prolifics delivers a powerful ESB for system connectivity and data transformation across heterogeneous IT environments, helping to increase business flexibility.
End-to-End Mobile Enterprise Strategy
Advanced mobile capabilities with Worklight - Prolifics' IBM Worklight specialists work closely with organizations to help them build their end-to-end mobile strategy and efficiently develop, connect, run and manage their mobile applications.
Extending business processes with BPM on the go - Prolifics' solutions extend business processes to support mobile use, bridging the gap in an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed business world and providing seamless and efficient human interactions.
End-to-end mobile application development - Prolifics specializes in end-to-end mobile development, including the planning design, development, testing and deployment of rich cross-platform applications.

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