Energy & Utilities Industry IT Solutions

The energy and utilities industry is now smarter. The possibilities for managing resources more efficiently and reducing our environmental footprint are endless with the use of intelligent IT solutions. Technology enables our clients to modernize their systems, increase profitability and improve service levels. More importantly, our solutions have helped entities “keep the lights on” by protecting their systems from sophisticated internal and external threats.

Intelligent solutions require comprehensive technical experience, decades of experience and deep domain knowledge, and Prolifics can deliver. We have helped utilities transform rigid, one-way distribution networks to allow bi-directional information and energy flow that leverages the power of analytics and automation to manage resources efficiently. We have optimized the capabilities of energy organizations by delivering critical insight into condition of physical assets through seamless integration. We have addressed regulatory mandates, such as NERC CIP and SOX, while protecting critical assets from threats, abuse and possible attacks in energy generation, transmission and, in many cases, distribution.

Prolifics delivers customized IT solutions that deliver business value through improved reliability, better client engagement and reduced costs.