Enterprise Entitlement Engine and Framework

Prolifics’ Entitlement Engine is an Open Standards authorization tool that externalizes, unifies and simplifies managing an enterprise’s entitlement policies within complex frameworks. Ensuring the correct people are accessing the right information at the proper time can strengthen security and compliance, potentially providing improved IT efficiency and overall enterprise agility.

The Entitlement Engine: Authorization Management

Entitlement is the process of enforcing regulations and policies that determine who can access which system resources and components, along with how, when and for what purpose. It begins with Authentication (e.g., a username and associated password), and is followed by Authorization (i.e., what the user can do with system resources.)

The Enterprise Entitlement Engine & Framework provides fine-grained Entitlement capabilities in a flexible manner. This offers enterprise-wide flexibility in defining user access and action permissions based on a context for a particular Role or Profile. These Entitlement definitions are then centralized and made usable throughout the environment.

Entitlement Engine Profiles and Roles

Most means of managing Entitlement make do with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) authorization (sometimes remaining as simple as administrators and non-administrators.) Our Enterprise Entitlement Engine, however, uses Profiles to add a layer of Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) authorization. We add Profiles -- permanently or temporarily -- to better define contextual authorization characteristics across the environment and its component applications.

Once our Enterprise Engine solution is integrated across your environment, who can do what within your system becomes fully up to you.

Take Control of Your Enterprise’s System

The time has come to put behind the errors that arise from needless data definition misunderstandings and the like. Contact Prolifics at solutions@prolifics.com to discover how you may be ready to start benefiting from unprecedented, contextual control over your environment’s data by deploying our Enterprise Entitlement Engine and Framework solution.