Big Data Analytics Predictions for 2016

The “Big Data Analytics Predictions for 2016” ebook explores technological advances and forecasted trends. An introduction by noted expert Bernard Marr covers big data’s elevation into the mainstream in 2015. Insightful articles break down a range of topics, including:

  • Cloud Computing Moves to the Edge in 2016
  • Hadoop, Open Source Adoption and Growth to Accelerate in 2016
  • Future State: Where Data Integration Will Move in 2016
  • Maturing IoT Will Drive Innovation Across Industry in 2016
  • Cognitive Analytics Becomes Essential for Business Users in 2016
  • Data Governance in 2016: Modeling the Enterprise
  • 2016: A Make or Break Year for Your Data Analytics Initiative
  • Comprehensive Analytic Maturity Assessment

Download this ebook to take advantage of a range of industry expertise and put your best foot forward in 2016’s big data environment.