Mainframe Modernization

Breaking up the monolithic applications and systems at the core of your organization can be a critical step in updating yourself for modern-day business. Though there are several compelling benefits to mainframe modernization, the process must be handled carefully to ensure best results, including increasing business agility, improving time to market, and lowering cost of ownership.

Prolifics can help your organization navigate this process. We capitalize on the current trends in modernization, including:

  • API economy and microservices
  • Process transformation, decision management, and rules harvesting
  • DevOps
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Mobile and web
  • Data ingestion, analytics, virtualization, and visualization
  • Customer journey mapping and user-centered design

With two decades of experience and know-how, our expertise, combined with a modernization workshop, helps us help you on your modernization journey.

Prolifics can help you modernize your mainframe and reap the benefits of breaking down dated monolithic systems and applications.