Digital By Design: Close Brothers Premium Finance

Learn how Close Brothers Premium Finance, a financial solution enterprise serving almost 2 million people across the United Kingdom and Ireland, revitalized its business strategy by transitioning to a digital model equipped to accommodate the modern customer.

Close Brothers’ incremental integration approach called for seamless communication between features like a new contact center and a digital customer gateway. All this had to happen while adjusting the customer’s digital journey to match the demands of their market segment.

Prolifics worked closely with Close Brothers to prove that IBM Integration Suite, a hybrid cloud solution consisting of several IBM platforms, was the right choice to carry out the sweeping transition they were looking for—and that Prolifics’ expertise in the technology made them the right choice to deliver it.

“We have a rather inflexible architecture at the moment with multiple point to point connections between individual software components,” says Close Brothers CIO Chris Loake. ­­“Unravelling that, peeling back the layers of the onion to get to the heart of it, is a challenge!"

“The Integration Suite delivered by Prolifics who are an IBM Premier Partner and specialists in IBM software implementations, will allow us to integrate the new contact centre without attaching it directly to the old system. The same with the new customer gateway. Instead of talking to one another direct they 
will communicate through the Integration 
Suite. It 
makes the 
work like Velcro 
– when attached 
they are tightly 
integrated but when you 
want to remove one it comes 
off cleanly and you can stick a new one on!”

Download Digital By Design to find out how Prolifics integrated Close Brothers’ systems to create a truly digital-ready environment.

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