The Big Data Imperative: Why Information Governance Must be Addressed Now

This research brief by Aberdeen Group delves into the pressing need for an information governance strategy. With almost every industry seeing exponential growth in its amount of business data, as well as ever-increasing storage, management, and protection requirements and costs, information governance is becoming more important than ever.

“To put it simply, the amount of business data is growing at a faster rate than any previous time in history. Aberdeen’s December 2015 Data Management for BI research puts the current growth rate at 56% year-over-year…Not only are the storage requirements doubling every 19 months, but all the associated costs for storing, managing, and protecting this data are exploding as well.

“If we assume that the growth of data remains static at 56% (a very conservative estimate), five years from now the volume of data and all associated costs for supporting it will be almost 6-times larger than today. In other words, while the current data problems might seem onerous and expensive to fix, the cost and difficulty will be exponentially greater in the future.”

- The Big Data Imperative: Why Information Governance Must be Addressed Now

The brief details the major elements of an optimal governance strategy, as well as the benefits an organization can glean from it. It also lays out key performance indicators, Best-in-Class acumen, and valuable vendor insight. By evaluating data needs versus available budget, the research helps guide your enterprise on its information governance journey while remaining mindful of the economic climate.