Cloud Adoption

How Integrated is Your Cloud?

Shrinking time-to-market demands and growing business initiatives require an effective and competitive IT strategy; business moves too fast for a traditional landscape. Cloud environments are intended to meet this challenge head-on, but doing so brings up new concerns regarding effective integration, enterprise-wide user access and reliable security.

Discover how Prolifics' Integrated Hybrid Cloud works and helps your business IT environment be flexible, integrated, and scalable.


The Prolifics Integrated Hybrid Cloud Approach to Bimodal IT

The Prolifics Integrated Hybrid Cloud supports a bimodal IT strategy – effectively providing interoperability between record-keeping systems that “run the business” and the agile, fast-paced systems that “transform the business”.

Prolifics builds complete cloud strategies capable of employing private, public or hybrid clouds that enables faster resource provisioning while improving core IT system reliability. The result is a flexible, secure and scalable Integrated Hybrid Cloud infrastructure that works with any Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise system while using DevOps methodology to match the growth of external systems, resulting in robust, unified environments.

Integrated Hybrid Cloud Modular Framework

Our Integrated Hybrid Cloud solution achieves these capabilities without sacrificing efficient user access and control or dependable security. Our pattern-based approach to integration, combined with best-in-class automation, provides the bimodal IT outcomes your business needs while strengthening your overall environment rather than creating vulnerabilities.

  • Elastic | Automated | Integrated Infrastructure. Establishes a flexible, service-based integration platform with fully automated build, management and monitoring capabilities, using our unique pattern-based approach.
  • Cloud Connection to External Services and SaaS. Speeds deployment of services to establish secured communication between on-premise systems and cloud based applications using pre-built connectors and Prolifics’ customized accelerators.
  • Access Control and Security Monitoring. Enables our clients to administer, secure and monitor user access privileges and activities across enterprise and cloud environments with context aware security intelligence.

Realize Your Bimodal IT Strategy

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