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At Prolifics, we’ll show you that Business Automation, in all its forms and names – Hyperautomation, intelligent automation (IA), robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) – is the heart of any successful operational excellence strategy and ensures the launch of your competitive advantages.

Your Business Automation
Strategy Will


Free up your employees from mundane work by automating manual or repetitive tasks


Improve process efficiency and reduce costs through process mining and process automation


Generate precise, consistent and agile decision making by automating rules


Leverage AI/ML for operational intelligence in areas like unstructured content management and critical information capture


Detect sophisticated data patterns to predict potential outcomes

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Automation –
All Types



Process Mining

Process Mining uses your own data to quickly find inefficiencies and get your desired business outcomes – guaranteed. Your workforce, customers, vendors, and others generate data in the form of digital footprints

Process Mining follows this digital trail to discover what’s happening and automatically creates a visualization of the process from the data.

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Automation – All Types

Faster, better, cheaper, smarter — automation has it all. Robotic process automation (RPA) frees up your employees to do more important work. Intelligent automation (IA) / hyperautomation learns to gather data it needs from different sources to make decisions.

Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solutions can answer complex "what's next" questions on their own.

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Digital Workers

Digital workers – or bots – are a form of intelligent automation / hyperautomation designed for specific functions to assist your knowledge-workers. They are especially valuable when scaling up or down for seasonal differences or unforeseen changes.

Bots are easily added or removed, helping you stabilize your workforce and cut costs from hiring, training and layoffs.

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Intelligent Capture

Intelligent capture quickly and efficiently extracts and classifies data from content – making it structured and usable in your systems. With machine learning, intelligent capture can gain keen insights from unstructured documents.


Content Management

Content management addresses issues like data storage; access and security; sharing and collaboration, (including connecting data to business applications); regulation compliance; and retention and destruction. It’s the foundation for robust data governance.

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Salem Hadim is Prolifics’ Head of Smarter Process Practice. He is an executive architect, with a proven track record in practice leadership, P&L management, enterprise architecture and delivering successful business solutions for mid-size to large companies across different industry verticals. Salem has more than 20 years of industry and research experience, with 15 years consulting in areas such as Software Systems, Enterprise Architecture, Applications Integration (EAI) and Microservices, and Process Transformation disciplines (BPM, ODM, RPA, ECM and AI).

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