Are You Keeping Watch Over Your Application Activity?

Inadequate application performance can directly affect a business, hurting brand image or cutting into revenue as customers struggle to complete transactions.  It is imperative that issues are identified and addressed as early as possible. Quick data collection and analysis can predict when an application might fail, empowering IT to address problems before they occur.  Identifying and automating the proper performance metrics to monitor is crucial for efficiently assuring that your environment delivers on its promises - whether in production, test or QA.

Prolifics Watchdog has You Covered

The modern IT environment needs application performance, metrics and status monitoring that matches its agility. Prolifics’ Watchdog lightweight monitoring tool collects, stores, and displays your valuable application activity performance metrics and applications status – all in one easy to understand solution. This lightweight monitoring tool is unobtrusively layered into your environment alongside an environment monitoring tool, collecting standard statistics from your application components and system activity. This information is then kept in a database store and surfaced using our customizable, Angular JS-based web dashboard. The dashboard allows users to access specific count and throughput data, as well as statistics and charts for a specified period.

Prolifics tailors Watchdog lightweight monitoring tool to your environment to provide deep insights into your application’s activity performance metrics and status.

  • Custom Views of Your Application
  • Activity Performance Metrics
  • Applications Status

Keep Your Delivered Applications On-Track with Watchdog

Contact Prolifics at to discuss how Watchdog provides the depth of application activity performance metrics and applications status data required to fully understand and utilize your business system environment’s potential.


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