Prolifics Service ID Governor

Traditional identity management focuses on personal identities and ensuring that they have appropriate access to applications and information. A comprehensive security strategy also requires the management of service identities, or those that are assigned to systems, software and automated processes. It’s important to recognize that these types of identities are different, and if left unmanaged, can pose a significant security risk to your organization. Service Identity Management is an essential part of your organization’s access governance strategy and is required to meet regulatory mandates across various industries.

Characteristics of service identities:

  • Highly privileged and very sensitive 
  • Require certification and periodic re-certification
  • Need purpose and full description recorded for compliance purposes
  • Have no ownership, only custodianship
  • Often have no expiration
  • Stay active even after employees responsible for the systems change jobs or companies
  • Password expiration and changes need to be properly communicated and processed by all users managing the account

Prolifics Service ID Governor expands IBM Security Identity Manager’s capabilities and helps to address identities used by systems, software and automated processes. This tool enables an organization to assign responsibility to non-personal accounts, track custodians and administrators of the accounts and provide appropriate reporting, end-to-end auditing and policy enforcement. By delivering centralized management of service IDs on target systems, Service ID Governor simplifies the process of request, approval and certification and improves security across the enterprise.