Set the rules for the most
important asset you have –
your data.


For Prolifics, data governance is a holistic approach to implementing practices, processes, roles, controls, and metrics to ensure the formal management of data – all designed to treat data as the valuable asset it is. Effective data governance creates a top-down guidance that steers all efforts.


Where is your data?
Who’s accessing It? Where’s it going?

Data governance is something that must be specifically tailored to each business, and regularly evaluated over time to improve the way data is handled. Prolifics will assist you in all phases of governance: roles and responsibilities; security, privacy and compliance; integrity, usability, and integration; and internal and external data flow.

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    By 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance

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    By 2024, 50% of organizations will adopt modern data quality solutions to better support their digital business initiatives.



Improves the quality of the data


Ensures that data is as accurate and complete as possible


Makes data more accessible and easier to apply


Provides a sense of consistency across all data


Enhances decision- making and planning


Improves operational efficiency and resource allocation


Enhances security and mitigates the risks of data being lost or compromised

Data Governance Insights

Bank Realizes Continuous
Value from Data
Data Governance -
Critical Data First
Data Privacy is
Data Governance

Meet a Prolifics Data Governance Expert

Eric Landis is a Technical Architect in our Data Governance and Information Management area. He teams with business and IT resources to establish, operationalize and manage governance programs, combining processes, standards, roles and technologies for a holistic, enterprise-wide solution. His work includes establishing business glossaries; data quality criteria and rules; data management standards; and data lineage.

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