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A new architecture takes your
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Companies fighting to stay competitive are undergoing a digital transformation – part of which is updating siloed systems that trap data and don’t communicate well. To succeed, these companies need a new way to get data into the hands of those that need it, when they need it.


A data hub is an exchange

A data hub is an exchange that brings together information that lives throughout an organization and sends it frictionlessly to where it’s needed. Data is governed in this central hub, connecting the points of production and consumption. This “data-centric” approach creates a single platform for governance, master data management (MDM), reference data, data quality, processes and workflows.

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    By 2024 75% of organizations will have deployed multiple data hubs to drive mission-critical data and analytics sharing and governance. – Gartner

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    “…data hub is the antidote. It’s the thing that’s going to help you capture the benefits of common understanding of data…” – Gartner



Create one, integrated and unified view of your data – shared by all systems and people


Get data in the hands of those who need it – when, where and how they need it


Build secure, real-time API connections to your customers, partners and suppliers


Connect new and innovative solutions and applications quickly and completely


Generate repeatable processes to automatically handle new compliance and privacy regulations

Data Hub Insights

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Meet Our Data
Hub Expert

Mario Bourassa has more than 20 years of experience in master data management (MDM). He led worldwide MDM at IBM Lab Services before joining Prolifics to lead our Data Hub area. Mario’s established success is based on his simple three-step approach:

  1. build a roadmap before you start
  2. get the executive sponsorship
  3. crawl before you walk and walk before you run

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