Data Privacy

Good Privacy is Good Business

Data Privacy

Why It Can be Good for Your Business

More governments around the globe are intensifying and strictly enforcing privacy regulations. Beyond just compliance, however, customers today expect you to be a good steward of their information. As a good steward, you’ll experience greater brand loyalty and customer trust.

Prolifics knows that the right approach to data privacy protects your customers, your revenue and your reputation. And we have the experience, technology and assets ready to help your company see results fast. 

With the right data privacy strategy, you can ...


increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty


understand and measure your data risks


accommodate future compliance and privacy regulations


avoid fines, penalties and potential litigation


protect against data breach and provide audit support

What is Data Privacy?

Prolifics recognizes data privacy as an essential part of your overall data strategy.  We know companies need a solution fast, to satisfy expanding regulatory requirements. We also know that with the right approach, our data privacy strategy can do so much more. 

Data privacy compliance is not a one-and-done. You need the means and expertise to continually find, itemize, tag, delete, update and otherwise manage large amounts of information wherever it exists in your company - quickly and efficiently.  That means you need up-to-date technology that functions in a way that will allow it to keep up with the changing laws. 

The way you approach data privacy also affects your larger business objectives - your customers, your revenue and your reputation. That's why it's important to your overall data strategy. Our experts can assess where you are now and help you get where you want to go.

Prolifics experts are ready to help.  We have proven workshops, assessments, assets and accelerators available now to implement and maintain the data privacy strategy that's right for you.  

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ABS shares its journey to privacy compliance and improved outcomes


What to expect now and in the near future with evolving data privacy laws
data sentinel sensitive data audit


Prolifics and Data Sentinel help you pinpoint your sensitive data

Case Studies & Insights

Meet Prolifics' Customer Success Lead, Data

Greg Kordelski is a Customer Success Leader in data governance and data privacy at Prolifics. In his more than 20-year career (10 of which have been with Prolifics), Greg has consulted on, created and implemented a wide range of solutions for enterprise data management; privacy; quality; standards; extract, transform, load (ETL); and related data disciplines.

Greg’s passion is helping create comprehensive strategies that increase the value of a company’s data, starting with a “data factory” approach that enforces the core fundamentals of data quality, data privacy and overall data governance. In any project, Greg is equally comfortable talking big picture with the C-suite or rolling up his sleeves with the tech teams.

A UMass graduate, Greg started his career with a large data management marketing firm and has worked for data tech and data consulting companies large and small, including IBM, along with forming and running his own data quality consulting firm for a number of years. Greg is also known as one-half of the “Privacy Brothers” with Brian Kordelski of Data Sentinel. Together (and separately) they’ve hosted shows and presentations on how data is the key to a company’s success and growth.


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