Go from ideas to
production with quality,
speed and security.


Prolifics puts the X in DevOps, because we know it’s a pivotal, horizontal approach that can automate every part of the digital transformation journey. As part of all our services, DevXOps gets you from point A to point B rapidly and reliably, without sacrificing quality and security.

Your DevXOps Strategy Will


Make you an agile organization, with the ability to rapidly change or create new business models


Bring products and services to market quicker and more efficiently


Rapidly create, change, and/or tweak and deliver customer experiences


Use AI and automation to ensure adherence to compliance and governance mandates


Optimize costs through automation – removing the potential for human error from processes


Generate teams that are happier and more productive through DevOps adoption

We refer to it as DevXOps –
because it can include DataOps, MLOps, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code for speed; DevSecOps and QA for quality; and AIOps/ Continuous Monitoring for availability.

These are the key elements
in our DevXOps

Delivery Speed
and Flexibility


Automate integration and delivery of your digital assets across your IT landscape – allowing you to quickly release new digital capabilities

Assured Quality,
Security and Availability


Automate almost anything and improve quality of deployments by automation of repeatable tasks and early detection of problems in the software development life cycle (SDLC)

Holistic DevOps


Unifying development and operation responsibilities to work autonomously, providing end-to-end visibility on the SLDC, with increased delivery value mapping to business outcomes

Successes and Insights

The Future
of DevOps
The Next Generation
of DevOps
DevOps Continuous
Delivery Tools

DevXOps Loop

Prolifics sees DevXOps as a continuous loop, delivering ever increasing value.


Meet a Prolifics DevXOps Expert

Greg Hodgkinson is Prolifics’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and leads the Prolifics Innovation Center. Hodgkinson joined Prolifics in 2007 through its acquisition of 7irene, a visionary service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform company that he co-founded in the United Kingdom. His background is in software architecture (CBD, SOA, Microservices) and delivery approaches (Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud). Hodgkinson has created products in the categories of Component Runtime Platform, Architecture, Collaborative Development, and DevOps.

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