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Coffee Break with Leia: How to Use Hyperautomation for Employee Onboarding

Are You Ready for Employee Onboarding in a Post-Lockdown World? 

What can HR professionals expect as stay-at-home orders are lifted, companies reopen and hiring and rehiring escalates to warp speed? Are you prepared to manage 10-times the normal hiring and onboarding activities you experienced pre-COVID-19?

The importance of staying on top of employee onboarding concerns has never been so crucial. Download this free webinar to learn how to power your HR department with game-changing tech solutions.

  • The latest figures from the (U.S.) labor department mean more than 36 million people have filed for (unemployment) benefits in the last two months.
  • Manual review and validation of I-9s, W-4s and direct deposit info is still the case.
  • Intelligent onboarding tech is set to dominate the HR landscape in the coming years.
  • Meet Leia — our digital Employee Onboarding Officer. She can complete your onboarding processing in 2 minutes. She can identify and understand forms and documents; connect to different HR systems; enroll new hires in payroll, benefits, and training; notify security and facilities; and more. Leia helps you manage applicant volumes, ensure data accuracy and speed up the onboarding process – all leading to more satisfied managers and new hires. 
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Software Solutions Architect, Tech Sales

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Account Executive, Sales

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HR Administrator