Commercial Databases? You CAN Check Out Anytime You Like …

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Commercial Databases? You CAN Check Out Anytime You Like …

by Prolifics
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This event aired Sept. 23, 2021 and is now available to watch on ProlificsTV on YouTube!

When you’re dealing with old tech databases (commercial databases) on your old tech architectures (on-prem cloud appliances), you get the feeling you’re in your own Hotel California – you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. (Are you even old enough to remember the song?)

Don’t be a tech prisoner of your own device! In this Innovation Sandbox, Prolifics Chief Data Scientist Michael Gonzales, PhD. (“Dr. G.”) hosts Tom Rieger, Senior Solutions Engineer for EDB (leading contributor to open-source PostgreSQL), show you the way to modern databases on modern architecture – with innovation, business-friendly terms, and less (much less) cost. Get the cool wind in your hair once again.


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2021-09-23 @ 10:00 AM (EDT) to
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