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More techy, less stuffy

We’re leaving the boring webinar vibe behind. Geek Out on Tuesdays, with Prolifics, is all about our own Tech Superstars deep diving into the technical aspects of our offerings, but in a casual, discussion-rich and interactive format.

Join us the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 1 p.m. ET, for 30 minutes of techie talk

You’ll learn a lot and won’t want to doze off.


EPISODE 1 | Geek Out on... Data

The importance of Data is not new to those of us in the tech space, but now  it's a major focus of governments, businesses and consumers.   With that, platforms are evolving,  cloud is an essential player and everything is moving at warp speed.

Join data experts Ernie Ostic (SVP of Product with Manta) and Jerry Hemenway (Head of Data and Analytics with Prolifics) for a discussion about  platform modernization and the journey to cloud in today's data environment.

Sep 1


EPISODE 2 | Geek Out on... Data Science

Data Science is growing at an astounding pace. But the concept can sometimes create more questions than answers.  So if you’re a data scientist or are considering the field, this conversation is for you.

Chief Data Scientist Michael Gonzalez, PhD shares how to leverage data science techniques to optimize reporting, analytic and data servers. He and his team will walk you through a real data science example that lead to the discovery of business rules and platform interactions buried in thousands of lines of SQL code.

Sep 15

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EPISODE 3 | Geek Out on... Digital Workers

From R2-D2 to Lt. Commander Data ... to your co-worker one office over… robots aren't just fiction anymore.   Join us as we dive into the technologies behind today's digital workers with Prolifics automation experts. And get to know Archie, a member of our digital worker team.

What’s automation like today? What will it be like tomorrow? Don’t miss this tech-style conversation.

Oct 6


EPISODE 4 | Geek Out on... Blockchain

Do you ever wonder if Satoshi Nakamoto anticipated Blockchain’s evolution when he/she/they developed bitcoin and conceptualized the first blockchain? Today, blockchain technology is on the verge of being an industry disruptor – or an industry savior. On top of that, it’s one of the top growing tech skills in the industry. 

Join a leader in the Blockchain space for this timely tech talk. 

Oct 20 


EPISODE 5 | Geek Out on... Cloud

The Cloud is not a new concept to the tech world … but like everything else in today’s “new normal,” there are a lot of questions about cloud types, cloud platforms, cloud migration.  

Join Cloud Architect Scott Ringle  (Prolifics) and Sr. Director of Product Strategy for Hybrid Cloud Brian Gracely (Red Hat) to discuss how to identify a cloud strategy and develop transformation plans that drive success today and for the future.

Nov 3


EPISODE 6 | Geek Out on... Data Privacy

Nope – it didn’t stop with California’s CCPA. Data privacy related laws are in play in state legislatures throughout the US. Non-techies don’t always have an appreciation for the work that’s needed for compliance, but we know how much exposure and scope is really involved.

Nov 17


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