Hi, I'm Leia – your digital Employee Onboarding officer – and I can complete your onboarding processing in 2 minutes!

Hi, I'm Female Name - your digital HR assistant - and I can complete your onboarding processing in 3 minutes!

Because of COVID-19 quarantine and stay-at-home orders, I saw companies lay-off workers, causing unemployment not seen since the Great Depression! But, as the situation returns to normal, companies will look to hire people quickly, even with social distancing and other precautions. Millions of people will be applying for jobs, and companies like yours will want to onboard them – fast!

However, current onboarding processes typically require a great deal of manual data entry. New hire information for employee profiles, payroll, direct deposit, benefits and more, often go into different HR systems. This manual effort requires a lot of dedicated time for each candidate, leading to a low rate of onboarding. 


Identify and understand IRS form W-4, USCIS form I-9 and other eligibility documents submitted as part of onboarding package – regardless of file or document name

Perform data consistency and semantic checks for things like data format and completeness

Connect to HR web systems, update information to set-up new hire profiles

Ensure all compliance and provisioning rules are upheld


Identify supplies, equipment (including protective gear) and training (including new safe workplace rules) based on the new hire’s job profile

Enroll new hires in payroll and benefit systems

Enroll new hires in training courses

Generate necessary notifications to security, facilities, managers, and the new hires

Start processing onboarding applications in 2 minutes

With my assistance, you can manage applicant volumes, ensure data accuracy and speed up the onboarding process – all leading to more satisfied managers and new hires. I’m here and ready to process your onboarding in 2 minutes. Fill out this form and let’s talk about hiring me!

By the way - I’m powered by Prolifics hyperautomation and I can also help you automate a lot of other things, like insurance claims processing, invoice processing, mortgage applications and accounting.

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