Data Governance for Healthcare

Data Governance for payers continues to play an increasingly vital role in both keeping the lights on as well as enabling new business capabilities such as Volume to Value, Health Information Exchanges (both Federal and State), basic clinical information from participating providers (Hospitals and Physician Associations) and Medicare lines of business. Health Insurance Companies (payers) face a dual-edged sword with the pursuit of new business capabilities and the healthcare regulatory changes. Payers are increasingly seeing the need for business agility that requires a well-thought-out data strategy.

Data is the key to success in healthcare. The number of data sources increased for payers, highlighting the challenge of designing the ideal data management and governance solution just-in-time for business outcomes. What many healthcare companies need is a data management and governance program in place to provide real-time answers to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s goals.

Prolifics has designed a Data Governance program specifically for healthcare payers that can be implemented in discrete phases. This gives institutions the ability to assess the business benefits at the end of each phase, as they successfully build a Data Governance program. Once in place, healthcare organizations will gain better control over their data assets, ultimately preparing the organization for future growth.

Find out how the Prolifics Data Governance for Healthcare solution can help your institution start its Data Governance journey today.


  • Prolifics Data Governance for Healthcare Framework
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition