Healthcare Integration Kit for Healthcare Technology

Integrated Healthcare Technology Demands New Heights of Interoperability

Because integrated healthcare technology changes so rapidly, healthcare enterprises are always faced with the challenge of keeping pace. These changes rarely occur all at once or affect the enterprise’s entire healthcare technology environment, often leaving some components slaved to legacy systems while others move forward with the times. This can cause problems for effective integration, regulation compliance and competitive patient care, which is why Prolifics offers its Healthcare Integration Kit to overcome such problems and concerns.

Prolifics’ Cooperative Approach Drives Integrated Healthcare Technology Efficiency

The Prolifics Healthcare Integration Kit employs a cooperative, tiered methodology to integrated healthcare technology via an enterprise service bus (ESB). Doing so enables accurate and efficient communication and data transactions between endpoints.

The Healthcare Integration Kit’s tiers govern and integrate:

  • External Endpoints: Components outside of your actual healthcare technology environment (e.g., community clinics, insurance providers.)
  • Gateway: Determines which external endpoints can interact with the environment, in compliance with healthcare technology and privacy regulation compliance needs.
  • Applications: Internal endpoints and operational applications (e.g., clinical repositories, medical devices, facility pharmacy, facility laboratory) that must communicate with other environment components.
  • Governors and Resources: Data storage, administration and similar resources (e.g., databases, filing systems, Web 2.0 resources).

By deploying an ESB as the cornerstone of our Healthcare Integration Kit, all integrated healthcare technology can conduct data transactions reliably and quickly without endpoints becoming interoperability vulnerabilities.

Benefit from Innovative Prolifics Assets

To ensure our Healthcare Integration Kit is deployed and operates correctly, Prolifics leverages five of its strongest assets.

Our Delivery Kit and One-Click Ready-2-Run automated system and application provisioning offerings provide reliable standards without sacrificing the customization your integrated healthcare technology environment requires. We also reduce your devoted staff via our automated Continuous Delivery capabilities. Watchdog then provides the lightweight monitoring and improved visibility you require to be confident your system integration is healthy and efficient.

Throughout deployment and the integration process, Prolifics’ time-proven Mentoring, Guidance and Customization capabilities combine to bolster the entire Healthcare Integration Kit.

Prolifics’ Healthcare Integration Kit for Improved Outcomes

Contact us at to discuss how Prolifics’ innovative Healthcare Integration Kit may benefit your healthcare organization or enterprise. Download the brochure below to access details regarding the Healthcare Integration Kit’s functionality, and potential advantages and returns to your integrated healthcare technology systems.


Healthcare Integration Kit