Prolifics EMR Healthcare Security Kit

For healthcare providers leveraging the leading EMR system in the marketplace, provisioning access to hospital personnel can be a considerable challenge. Often handled manually, the process can be slow, cumbersome, and wasteful. Meanwhile, without timely access to a hospital’s EMR, doctors, surgeons, nurses and administrators can’t provide necessary, and sometimes lifesaving, patient care.

Concurrently, hospital IT Staff need to also consider patient data security. When data breaches occur at Healthcare institutions, employee access to data falls under a great deal of scrutiny. Exposure of information means exposure of an institution – to lawsuits, fines and other severe penalties that can adversely affect both a hospital’s reputation and its ability to provide optimal care for its patients. Having the ability to effectively and efficiently grant employee access to strictly necessary information is one critical way hospitals are securing their patient data.

The Prolifics EMR Healthcare Security Kit solution integrates IBM’s leading edge employee identity management security applications, IBM Identity Manager, IBM Directory Integrator and IBM Directory Server, to the leading EMR platform, as well as other necessary applications, such as CRM, ActiveDirectory and HR portals. By providing centralized, automated identity management across a provider’s entire organization, the Prolifics EMR Healthcare Security Kit can significantly decrease occurrences of data exposure and enhance onboarding and offboarding processes while greatly increasing an institution’s auditing capabilities and its overall efficiency.

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  • IBM Identity Manager
  • IBM Directory Integrator
  • IBM Directory Server