Smarter Benefit Enrollment Processing

How Efficient is Your Member Enrollment Process?

The 2014 Affordable Care Act requires all Americans to carry health insurance. As a result, healthcare insurance providers are experiencing not only explosive growth, but internal growing pains as they adapt their in-house systems to accept new channels feeding into the enrollment system as well as comply with new legislative infrastructures and requirements.

Consequently, the increase in enrollments is driving up error rates in, with many providers spending too much time and too many resources correcting enrollment failures due to bad EDI 834transactions.

Expedite Member Enrollment

The Prolifics Smarter Benefit Enrollment Processing solution is designed to monitor incoming EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment transactions and identify those transactions that are incorrectly formatted before they enter your enrollment system. Consisting of a Dashboard, prebuilt connectors, an integration framework, professional services and extensive testing services, improperly formatted Benefit Enrollment transactions are identified and transformed into the correct format or flagged within the Dashboard so they can more quickly be corrected to complete the enrollment process.

This streamlined approach to the identification and remediation of incorrect EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment transactions will expedite your ability to onboard new clients while eliminating the need for costly manual interventions.

Learn More About the Smarter Benefit Enrollment Processing Solution

Download the Smarter Benefit Enrollment Processing brochure to find out how this solution can result in a faster, more efficient new client enrollment process, reducing the time associated with identifying, fixing, validating, and successfully processing 834 Benefit Enrollment transactions. Contact Prolifics at today to streamline your benefit enrollment process.