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Moving Retail Forward

We are in a new age of retail—one that is controlled by informed and empowered customers. Technology has driven consumers to expect and demand more from traditional retail channels, as well as new ones such as mobile and social business. To remain competitive, modern retailing requires thinking steps ahead to provide a better customer experience and keep up with rapidly changing trends. Retailers can struggle to meet these expectations. Costs must be optimized, customer interaction must be improved, new business models must be created, and regulations must be met. The price for falling behind is high; with so many digitally savvy competitors on the market, customers are more than willing to make the switch to businesses that are future-ready.


"We've been partnering with Prolifics since 2007. It’s been a great relationship; they really care about our customers' needs …

… we got our app out, deployed and tested in under 6 months, not only to be the first to the market but also to be first in class."

Kirk Wolthouse, VP of Marketing, Fedway


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Get the Most Out of Your Business

Prolifics can help your business find new ways to generate growth, engage more customers, and reduce risk by leveraging technology and data to get the most out of key areas within your business.

The digital marketplace is creating new opportunities and insights using data for businesses to generate revenue growth. Using cognitive, analytics, mobile, and integration, Prolifics can help your enterprise leverage data to capitalize on customer patterns and buying opportunities and deliver your products and services through an engaging, real-time experience.

Case Study: A global retailer used data to better engage customers

Enhanced Customer Interaction

New technology is changing the way businesses and their employees interact with customers. Prolifics can help your business navigate the personalized applications, mobile-enabled payments, social-enabled customer service, and cognitive-powered systems that pave the way for the seamless experiences that customers expect. Our expert support keeps you ahead of the technological curve so that your customers don’t leave you behind.

Case study: Prolifics helped Fedway expand order placement using mobile

Cost Optimization

Using Prolifics' strong expertise in process improvement, cloud, integration and more, retail businesses can find meaningful gains towards their objectives. Prolifics can deliver solutions that automate manual processes, integrate different systems and data that improve efficiency and transparency, lower the cost of IT infrastructure, and find new life from older applications. With these technology solutions, retail businesses can get lower costs and faster delivery of products and services.

Case Study: A major automative retailer implemented an inventory and expense control solution to improve efficiency

The headlines are full of high-profile hacks. Prolifics helps you put the right security architecture and strategy in place. We assist you in developing a deep understanding of the risk areas in your systems and supply chains, as well as managing the new threat possibilities that develop from emerging channels and ways of doing business. We can help you ensure and enhance your compliance with industry regulations.

Case Study: Prolifics helped a company be PCI compliant with its payment card data


Attain Success with Prolifics

Prolifics specializes across all facets of a retail organization to transform your business, improve customer loyalty, and increase profitability. For over 35 years, we have helped household names in retail create engaging multi-channel digital experiences, gain critical insight into customer wants and habits, transform IT operations to improve operational efficiency, and build reliable systems and applications that revolutionize how they do business.

Prolifics’ retail experts help you pinpoint and act on crucial areas that are in need of enhancement.