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Innovation Sandbox invites you to learn from some of the brightest stars in technology. We'll talk about everything from big data, application modernization, AI and machine learning  to intelligent automation, test automation and more. Make Thursdays your time to play. This Innovation Sandbox  is open for everyone!

What's in a Name?

When that name is "Innovation Sandbox," it can say a lot. And we hope it does.

Innovation is a major factor for any company or individual aiming for success. It challenges imaginations, opens doors you may never knew existed, creates comradery and can, very possible, change the world. 

A sandbox is a place to experiment, play and have fun. Kids in a sandbox create new cities, build castles, sculpt grainy works of art - imagine as adults what we can do. In our Innovation Sandbox, the industry’s brightest will discuss what’s new and next in a relaxed, interactive format. So, come on in. No pail or shovel needed.

Season 1

Six weekly episodes, every Thursday, 10-10:30 a.m. ET, on our YouTube channel – Prolifics TV

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Jeff Jonas


Ernie Ostic


Rolf Heimes


Jason Kelley



EPISODE 1 | We're LIVE to see
the Wizard!

The Wizard of Big Data himself, Jeff Jonas, kicks off our inaugural season. You have to watch this first episode because - because because because because because - because of the wonderful things he does with data science and entity resolution!

If you missed us live, don't miss the replay!


EPISODE 2 | Take a Byte Out of Data

Join us to talk all things data! We'll highlight the latest trends and challenges that two of our partners, Manta and Talend, are seeing in today’s environment. We'll also discuss the creative ways they're tackling those challenges head on.



EPISODE 3 | Excavate Inefficiencies and Add to Your Arsenal

Let's dig in and discover ways to uncover those inefficiencies buried in our business processes. Then we'll dust ourselves off and talk about creative solutions to keep those inefficiencies from creeping back in.



EPISODE 4 | Batchin' It Up with

The Bad Boys of Blockchain star in this episode. Our very own Greg Hodgkinson moves from host to guest and shares his innovative views on Blockchain. Joining Greg will be the always charismatic Jason Kelley, holder of four U.S. patents, U.S. Army Airborne Ranger veteran, and The Global Blockchain expert extraordinaire from IBM.


Registration details coming soon.



EPISODE 5 | Integration Fuels Innovation

DevOps! Need we say more? We're changing up the sandbox format this week to welcome an entire panel of DevOps experts. We'll tap their collective know-how from a variety of different angles. Join us!


Registration details coming soon.


EPISODE 6 | Tales from the SandBox

Prolifics' customers will share their success stories and what they learned along the way. This is the season-ending finale you won’t want to miss!


Registration details coming soon.



Your Hosts

Our own Greg Hodgkinson and Kirsten Craft are teaming up to set the stage for these innovation conversations.


GREG HODKINSON, Chief Technology Officer, Prolifics

Greg's day job is that of Prolifics CTO. He heads up our Innovation Center and works with teams developing leading-edge solutions with AI, Blockchain and IoT.  The Innovation Center's work around blockchain is an IBM Beacon Award Finalist.


KIRSTEN CRAFT, Head of Business Development & Marketing, Prolifics

In addition to leading marketing, inside sales and software teams for Prolifics, Kirsten has been recognzied five out of the past seven years on the CRN Women of Channel list, including as a Power 40 Solution Provider in 2020.

Season 2 Starts Thursday, October 1st

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