Energy Company Improves Response Time, Recognizes Savings with Intelligent Response

Pam Roman

DTE Energy is a Midwest-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Its operating units include an electric company with more than 2 million customers in its part of the state. The client’s portfolio includes energy businesses focused on power and industrial projects and energy marketing and trading.  Our client  Challenge TThe … Read More

Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science

Pam Roman

Prolifics and IBM data science experts discuss getting your tech environment ready for modern data science projects and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Our team covers key re-platforming considerations, diverse talent and diverse tools, and how to get started with Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Migrating Away from SAS – You Can Do It!

Pam Roman

Statistical Analytics System (SAS) is software used for data analysis. It’s the most widely used data science platform across the globe, so if your organization uses it, you’re in good company. However, SAS is a legacy environment that many organizations find problematic. As with any mature legacy system with tentacles wending their way through an organization’s operating systems, a SAS environment requires … Read More

Healthcare Data’s Migration to Azure a Roadmap for Success

Pam Roman

Our client is a Fortune 500 health insurance provider (HIP), and one of the largest in the United States. About our Client Challenge A Common Story – Multiple Legacy Components Stall Company Growth HIP’s story is a common one. As their company grew, they’d purchase a license here or some storage space there to keep up with their growing business. … Read More

Data Science Teams Create Efficiencies for Health Insurance Provider

Prolifics Insights

Data science can pull meaningful, actionable insights out of your data that can benefit your business in a big way – when it’s done correctly. Technology is obviously a major component of data science, but people and processes are equally important. If the people and processes in the “data supply chain” aren’t operating effectively, no amount of technology will give … Read More

Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science for All- Webinar with IBM

Pam Roman

This second session of a 5 part series explored the topic of replatforming your legacy tooling to be ready for modern data science and AI. To succeed in AI, in addition to implementing new capabilities, you need to retire technical debt and bring all contributors in a unified environment. Dr. Michael Gonzales, Chief Data Scientist with Prolifics, Julianna DeLua, SME … Read More

Predictive Modeling a Tool for Student Retention

Pam Roman

If you’ve ever stepped on a bathroom scale, you’re familiar with – at the most basic level – the concept of collecting and using data to affect behavior. Based on our experiences and personal knowledge, we can make the connection between eating too much pizza and what the scale will tell us. But what happens when enterprises want to understand … Read More

Prolifics’ Analytic Platform Optimization

Pam Roman

Before You Sign Another Server License, Read This. Prolifics’ Analytic Platform Optimization solution is unique to the industry and will show you how to better balance, and even maximize, the productivity of your existing servers. And we can guarantee it’s a lot less expensive than adding more servers. The budget alarm bells go off – loud It’s the first sign … Read More

Data Meet Digital

Pam Roman

Digital + data + data science = vision to value, faster. That’s the message shared in this presentation hosted by DCO Canada and presented by Chief Data Scientist Michael Gonzales. The conversation starts with this quote from an article published through the Harvard Business Journal* – The worst mistake a company can make is to hire data scientists, give them … Read More