The Shape of Today’s Cloud – 7 Things You Need to Consider

Pam Roman

As kids (okay, and as adults too), we’d gaze at the shapes of clouds in the sky and talk about what they looked like to us. Today, in a technology context, the shape of your cloud takes on a whole new, and much more important, meaning when you’re talking cloud migration.   Whether you’re leaving your on-prem systems behind, or looking to jump from your current cloud set-up, you need to take a hard look at your prospective new cloud homes. … Read More

The Open Source Database Trifecta: Innovative, Business-Friendly, Cheaper

Pam Roman

Has it always been this way?  It’s there every day you come to work, waiting for you, month after month, year after year. Maybe it’s always been there. If you’re old enough, you may have a vague recollection of what came before it, but otherwise, yes – it’s always been there. Your old, commercial technology databases chugging away on your old on-prem or cloud appliance architecture.  Can … Read More

Start-Up Gets Started Faster – With Agile Methodology

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PainScript connects physicians with their chronic pain and substance use disorder (SUD) patients daily by tracking medication and care plan adherence through an easy-to-use, clinically validated app. They provide physicians with detailed patient insight, a HIPAA-compliant clinical dashboard, and tools for medication monitoring.  About our Client Challenge   Bringing an idea to life – quickly A psychiatry practice was looking for ways to effectively monitor patients with chronic pain and substance use disorders. They found that with traditional, in-person appointments there … Read More

Prolifics Teams with IBM to Help Enterprises Manage Hybrid Cloud Workloads

Pam Roman

IBM Cloud Satellite announcement

Prolifics to Help Bring Hybrid Cloud Capabilities to Clients in Any Environment ORLANDO, FLA., March 1, 2021 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader is proud to announce that we now can help enterprises manage their applications across multiple cloud environments with IBM Cloud Satellite. IBM Cloud Satellite, now generally available, enables clients to run IBM Cloud services on any … Read More

Prolifics and IBM Announce Cloud Paks Partnership

Pam Roman

Prolifics Plans to Leverage IBM Cloud Paks to Help Clients Modernize Workloads Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, today announced a collaboration with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to leverage IBM Cloud Paks with Prolifics solutions to assist clients with quick and secured application modernization, integration, and legacy system moves across hybrid cloud platforms. Prolifics built its healthcare solution, Quick FHIR, on … Read More

Prolifics Recognized as IBM 2020 Beacon Award Finalist

Pam Roman

We’re proud to share the news! Prolifics is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in two categories – “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” and “Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare solution.” “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who strive to enhance client experiences, drive business growth, and change the world…The IBM Beacon Award recognizes Business Partners worldwide who use IBM products and … Read More

Prolifics Wins 2020 IBM Cloud Excellence Award for Cloud Pak

Pam Roman

We are proud to announce that Prolifics is the winner of the IBM Cloud Excellence Award: Cloud Pak—during the first-ever virtual IBM Think conference on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. IBM’s Excellence Awards recognize the stellar performance of IBM Business Partners who have demonstrated excellence and drive exceptional client experiences and business growth. Prolifics expertise and IBM Cloud Paks provide a … Read More

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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A robust cloud integration strategy powered by a solution like IBM Cloud Pak helps connect data, systems, and external services, unlocking new opportunities that need comprehensive integration to succeed. But that’s only the beginning of what this powerful platform provides. Add to that Prolifics’ ICP Expertise and take your data experience to new heights. Evolve your data management with containerized … Read More

Autonomous Cloud Scaling at a Financial Organization

Prolifics Insights

Download PDF The Company is a major global mutual fund and financial services organization. Its systems undergo substantial spikes in load each day as the trading market closes.The Company needed a solution to autonomously manage traffic, mainframe requirements, and cloud scaling. Prolifics helped put the right solution in place. The system scales to meet demand and increases visibility into scaling … Read More