Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence – The Right Recipe for Today’s Business Environment

Pam Roman

Testing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Today’s business environment puts a premium on the ability to react, change and rebound quickly. We’re looking to do everything faster – including testing – and once speed is part of the equation, there’s no going back. What you want in testing… You’re updating or replacing your legacy systems – usually in tight time frames … Read More

FHIR-Based Regulations are Just Around the Corner

Prolifics Insights

Due to COVID-19, CMS has delayed enforcement of the Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs of its FHIR-based CMS-9115-F final rule by six months, from January 2021 to July 2021. So, while there’s a little more breathing room, don’t wait – those six extra months will go by fast. You really need to address the deadline – now. You already … Read More

A Resolution Your Company Needs to Keep – Entity Resolution

Pam Roman

Entity Resolution (ER) is an important tool used to address data issues, from the most serious – stopping international fraud – to the most basic – finding duplicate names in your customer list. Now, advancements in artificial intelligence and automation for ER make it more useful and valuable than ever. What is Entity Resolution Entity resolution is the analysis of … Read More

Innovation Sandbox 1:2 – Take a BYTE Out of Data

Pam Roman

Data Fabric and Data Lineage are two terms we see a lot – on websites, in blogs and technical papers – but what’s the relevance? What do we really need to understand about our data and its power? Manta and Talend send their data experts to visit the Innovation Sandbox. Ernie Ostic (M) and Rolf Heimes (T) answer questions about … Read More

Innovation Sandbox 1:1 – We’re LIVE to See the Wizard!

Pam Roman

National Geographic named him the Wizard of Big Data. He works on innovation, national security and privacy with government leaders, think tanks and executives all over the world. And now, Jeff Jonas is talking with you from inside the Innovation Sandbox!

Data Fabric and Data Lineage – The Basics

Pam Roman

“The fabric of our lives.” We all know this as a phrase the cotton industry has used for years. But given the exponential flood of information we devour today, there’s really a new fabric that all organizations need to understand and live with – data fabric. And as that data fabric is weaved, it’s important to know where the data … Read More

It Starts with Data – A Conversation with Prolifics and Talend

Pam Roman

Is your company doing all it can to grow and thrive in today’s new normal? Your data may hold the key. Big digital transformation investments have given way to smaller projects that focus on lowering costs and customer churn, and increasing margins and sales. It starts with data – finding your data, knowing you can trust it, and who uses it.  … Read More

4 Ways Your Data Chaos Will Hurt You

Pam Roman

The term “garbage in, garbage out” is as relevant to your data today as it was 20 years ago. If your company’s data is in chaos – incomplete, fragmented, trapped in siloes, hidden in legacy systems, poorly identifiable, duplicated – anything you try to do with that data will be, unfortunately, garbage. Four Ways Your Data Chaos Will Hurt You … Read More

Tell Me More About Entity Resolution and Jeff Jonas

Pam Roman

We’re in the era of data – tsunamis of data, in fact, that are growing exponentially. With it comes concerns about what we can learn from the data – separating the melody from the noise – as well as overcoming worries surrounding privacy and fraud. Entity resolution (ER) is an important tool used to address these data issues. On the … Read More

The American Bureau of Shipping Navigates Data Privacy

Pam Roman

Data privacy laws and regulations, like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), are just getting started. That means more customers will control how companies use their collected data. Understandably, companies are struggling to understand and comply with these new laws. Challenge The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) collects a substantial amount of data … Read More