Why You Need a Cyber Risk Assessment


By Michael Hahn, Head of Security Practice, Prolifics As the past few years have shown, cybersecurity threats are on the rise and affect every business sector across the board. The performance of a Cyber Risk assessment will allow your organization to identify, understand and mitigate risk within your environment. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines Risk Assessment … Read More

Application Modernization Results in Cost Savings for State Government

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CHALLENGE The Critical Records Office within a state department of health faced significant costs related to its lack of flexibility in maintaining and processing vital citizen records. The application the CRO used to register vital records had limited integration with the systems that stored the recrods. Once records were entered, CRO personnel could only perform basic search and retrieve functions. … Read More

Agile Integration Modernization Helps Keep the Lights On for E&U

Pam Roman

Energy and Utility (E&U) companies have to deal with a lot in today’s environment. Customers expect open, transparent and real-time access to their usage, billing and outage information over various platforms, in a “self-service’ environment. E&U technology is advancing with things like smart meters and usage apps. Regulatory agencies connect rates to new kinds of key performance indicators (KPIs), often … Read More

Short-Term Modernization Creates Long-Term Possibilities for Health Coalition

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Prolifics helps Health Coalition with Short-Term Modernization and Long-Term Possibilities Our client, a Health Coalition, is a non-profit organization that connects, collects and integrates health information in an exchange in partnership with its state’s department of health. Participating healthcare professionals (with patient consent) can access electronic health information and securely exchange data with other state participants. This improves patient outcomes, … Read More

Process Mining – SIMPLIFIED

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You’ve heard the term process mining. But what is it really? And why should your business invest in more technology? This presentation answers those questions. It explores what makes process mining so valuable, and shows how it can help you save costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue. Let’s start with this definition: Process Mining is an evidence-based solution designed to … Read More

Prolifics and IBM Announce Cloud Paks Partnership

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Prolifics Plans to Leverage IBM Cloud Paks to Help Clients Modernize Workloads Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, today announced a collaboration with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to leverage IBM Cloud Paks with Prolifics solutions to assist clients with quick and secured application modernization, integration, and legacy system moves across hybrid cloud platforms. Prolifics built its healthcare solution, Quick FHIR, on … Read More

Learn more about RPA and Hyperautomation

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The AI Journal recently published “What is Robotic Process Automation and Hyperautomation?” by Prolifics UK Marketing Coordinator Vikesh Kaushal. As the title indicates, he covers RPA, intelligent automation – and more. Read the full article here.

Prolifics’ Gunjan Goel Named to Prestigious Advisory Panel

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Prolifics is proud to announce that Gunjan Goel, Prolifics’ Financial Services and Banking Partner, has been named as a member of the Advisory Panel for the Pace University Lubin School of Business Design Thinking (DT) Program. “Design Thinking” is about employing a set of methods and mindsets that promotes a human-centered approach to innovation. The Lubin School of Business DT … Read More

FHIR-Based Regulations are Just Around the Corner

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Due to COVID-19, CMS has delayed enforcement of the Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs of its FHIR-based CMS-9115-F final rule by six months, from January 2021 to July 2021. So, while there’s a little more breathing room, don’t wait – those six extra months will go by fast. You really need to address the deadline – now. You already … Read More