Healthcare Integration Kit

Pam Roman

Healthcare professionals depend on accurate and efficient system communication to support patient care. When diverse resources within a healthcare ecosystem can’t communicate with each other, operational efficiency quickly suffers. It’s never an acceptable outcome, but it becomes even more of a threat when a person’s critical care is at stake. Prolifics can help. We provide integration solutions that enable effective … Read More

Quick FHIR for CMS Mandate Compliance


CMS-9115-F Mandate Federal Government Health and Human Services mandates to drive open access to data across the healthcare ecosystem are making HL7’s FHIR® mandatory for healthcare data interchange in 2021 and beyond. This brochure explains how Quick FHIR® helps bring existing healthcare systems into compliance with this important mandate.

Innovation Sandbox 1:3 – Explore Process Mining

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Process Mining – isn’t is the same as Process Mapping, or Data Mining? No. And understanding what makes Process Mining different can give you a definite advantage when looking to improve efficiencies in your business. And why should you improve efficiencies? So you can successfully cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, improve employee morale, and increase revenue. In this video, Process … Read More

Three Reasons a Digital Loan Coworker Makes Sense

Pam Roman

If you’re a lender, or in IT for a lender, you’re experiencing the changes of the “New Normal” in very specific ways. Interest rates are at historic lows – but what will that really do for mortgage demand? The Paycheck Protection Program PPP came through like a hurricane – so what’s next? My employees have been through a lot of … Read More

Lenders – Are You Ready for PPP, Part 2: Forgiveness?

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Within just a few weeks, many lenders faced a hurricane of anxious customers and their paperwork for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. It may feel like we’re now in the calm eye of that hurricane, but it’s not over. The back end of the same hurricane is fast approaching in the form of PPP loan forgiveness. Often where a hurricane … Read More

25 Ways Business Process Automation Can Improve Productivity

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Time is money, especially when you are paying premium hourly wages or salaries. In some cases, you can add business process automation to increase your bottom line.  Hyper automation is even better when you can use it. Hyper automation combines intelligent automation such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for discovery, design, analytics, measuring, monitoring, and reassessment of a process. For business process automation to be successful, everyone in … Read More

Prolifics Open Banking SaaS Solution Recognized by IBM

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We’re excited to announce that Prolifics’ Innovation through Open Banking solution is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in the “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” category. The Prolifics UK Innovation Lab originally implemented the solution for a large British banking organization and has since implemented it at multiple major banks in the UK. “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who … Read More

Prolifics Recognized as IBM 2020 Beacon Award Finalist

Pam Roman

We’re proud to share the news! Prolifics is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in two categories – “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” and “Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare solution.” “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who strive to enhance client experiences, drive business growth, and change the world…The IBM Beacon Award recognizes Business Partners worldwide who use IBM products and … Read More

Is Your Data Ready? CCPA Wants to Know

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CCPA - man and woman at computer

The state of California starts enforcing the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on July 1. With enforcement comes fines of $2,500 per compliance violation, which goes up to $7,500 if the violation is considered due to negligence. Californians can also sue you if their personal information is compromised through a data breach, again if due to company negligence. Under CCPA, … Read More

5 Questions Execs Are Asking About CCPA

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July 1 is the date set for enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). With this enforcement comes the threat of hefty fines if your company is not in CCPA compliance. Even with enforcement looming, a lot of companies still aren’t sure if they are really prepared. Our data governance team has fielded a lot of questions from executives, … Read More