Prolifics Named 2020 IBM Think Build Grow Winner

Pam Roman

ORLANDO, FLA., June date, 2020 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader and a long-time IBM business partner, is proud to announce IBM has selected Prolifics as one of its 2020 IBM Think Build Grow winners.   Think Build Grow is a part of IBM PartnerWorld. It recognizes achievements in innovation, leveraging cloud and AI technologies. Prolifics’ winning submission was … Read More

Quick FHIR for CMS Mandate Compliance


CMS-9115-F Mandate Federal Government Health and Human Services mandates to drive open access to data across the healthcare ecosystem are making HL7’s FHIR® mandatory for healthcare data interchange in 2021 and beyond. This brochure explains how Quick FHIR® helps bring existing healthcare systems into compliance with this important mandate.

Process Mining vs. Process Mapping – What You Need to Know

Prolifics Insights

The concept of process mining has been around for a number of years; it’s only recently become more popular as advances in digital technology make it an attractive alternative to traditional process mapping. What is process mining? As Gartner defines it, “Process mining is designed to discover, monitor and improve real processes (i.e., not assumed processes) by extracting knowledge from … Read More

Innovation Sandbox 1:2 – Take a BYTE Out of Data

Pam Roman

Data Fabric and Data Lineage are two terms we see a lot – on websites, in blogs and technical papers – but what’s the relevance? What do we really need to understand about our data and its power? Manta and Talend send their data experts to visit the Innovation Sandbox. Ernie Ostic (M) and Rolf Heimes (T) answer questions about … Read More

Innovation Sandbox 1:3 – Explore Process Mining

Prolifics Insights

Process Mining – isn’t is the same as Process Mapping, or Data Mining? No. And understanding what makes Process Mining different can give you a definite advantage when looking to improve efficiencies in your business. And why should you improve efficiencies? So you can successfully cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, improve employee morale, and increase revenue. In this video, Process … Read More

Innovation Sandbox 1:1 – We’re LIVE to See the Wizard!

Pam Roman

National Geographic named him the Wizard of Big Data. He works on innovation, national security and privacy with government leaders, think tanks and executives all over the world. And now, Jeff Jonas is talking with you from inside the Innovation Sandbox!

Tell Me More About Entity Resolution and Jeff Jonas

Pam Roman

We’re in the era of data – tsunamis of data, in fact, that are growing exponentially. With it comes concerns about what we can learn from the data – separating the melody from the noise – as well as overcoming worries surrounding privacy and fraud. Entity resolution (ER) is an important tool used to address these data issues. On the … Read More

What Is Hyper Automation ?

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Hyperautomation came in at number one on Gartner’s ranking of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. The publication has also purported that businesses could lower their costs by roughly 30% by the year 2024 through the use of this new technology. In this short guide, we’re going to explore hyperautomation and why it has the “significant potential for … Read More

What Is Robotic Process Automation ?

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Businesses are always looking for better ways to cut costs and drive innovation. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a type of business process automation that allows enterprises to streamline everyday tasks, enabling employees to focus on more complex, creative, and valuable work. When implemented properly, RPA can greatly improve operational efficiency and give businesses a powerful competitive advantage. What Is … Read More