Prolifics Blockchain Solution Recognized by IBM

Pam Roman

As a long-time IBM business partner, we’re thrilled to announce that IBM named Prolifics as a finalist in its 2020 Beacon Awards. Our “Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare solution” –generated by our Innovation Center – is recognized in IBM’s Blockchain Trailblazer Award category. “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who strive to enhance client experiences, drive business growth, and change … Read More

Prolifics Recognized as IBM 2020 Beacon Award Finalist

Pam Roman

We’re proud to share the news! Prolifics is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in two categories – “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” and “Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare solution.” “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who strive to enhance client experiences, drive business growth, and change the world…The IBM Beacon Award recognizes Business Partners worldwide who use IBM products and … Read More

Get Control of Your PPP Loan Processes – Let Archie Help!

Pam Roman

Meet Archie, the digital worker that will help you and your team process PPP loans faster and with better accuracy – so you can relieve some of the stress on your employees and make sure your customers stay satisfied.

Webinar – We Didn’t Start the FHIR …

Pam Roman

Learn about the transformational effect that FHIR is having. In this webinar, we will introduce you to our Quick FHIR solution and how it makes it easier for organizations to participate in this new FHIR-based healthcare ecosystem by addressing the API, data and AI/ML concerns you may face. You can also learn more about our Quick FHIR solution here.

Are You Ready for FHIR?

Pam Roman

Whatever your role in healthcare, you’re familiar with HL7’s FHIR. You know you need capabilities around it, but what’s the best way to prepare? You could do it yourself, choose a solution that stops with integration or let Prolifics Quick FHIR solution do the work for you. Quick FHIR’s capabilities ensure security and compliance – and the solution employs AI … Read More

Improve Customer Engagement by Injecting AI into the Insurance Buying Journey

Prolifics Insights

The insurance industry is subject to high rates of churn. Customers are constantly hunting for the companies and policies that offer the best prices and value. This puts pressure on companies to find ways to save cost and maintain or increase revenue. Companies have turned to automation to work out more efficient, cost-effective processes. However, there’s traditionally been a certain … Read More

We’re Here for Your Privacy Compliance

Prolifics Insights

Are you paranoid? Probably not. We’ve all had that feeling, at one time or another, that “Big Brother” is watching us. We search for something online, then ads for it appear on our social media feeds. We purchase something off a website, and we start getting emails for all sorts of related products. Organizations collect our information – our data … Read More

Unlocking Data Science Resources

Pam Roman

The demand for data science is growing far beyond supply. The gap between what companies need and the data science skills that are available in the market is a wide one, and it’s only continuing to grow. This makes developing data science work activities expensive and difficult because of the limited availability of resources. All this puts a serious strain … Read More

Rapid, Richer Case Management

Prolifics Insights

Adding a rapid, richer UI to IBM Case Manager Could you actually enjoy going to the DMV? Could you imagine getting in and out with your new license quickly and with a smile? Recently, one of our clients, a state government agency, teamed with the Prolifics Innovation Center to address a very specific pain point – they were looking for … Read More

Modernize Healthcare Data Management with FHIR

Marshall Jones

The HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard (or FHIR) is revolutionizing how healthcare information is managed, moved and exchanged. The Internet has made managing data faster and easier than ever. Healthcare information, on the other hand, has lagged behind the trend because of its sensitivity and complexity. For example, some health data is still transmitted in physical format (chances are, … Read More