The Metaverse is Here. What You Need to Know!

Pam Roman

You’ve heard the term, but you’re not quite sure what it means. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve put together this short article to give you the basics and the opportunity to learn more. So, What is the Metaverse Anyway? The term “metaverse” was coined by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel, Snow Crash. Stephenson’s … Read More

Global Payments Company Meets Strategic Goals for India Processing

Vikesh Kaushal

Our client  Our client is a global technology company (GTC) in the payments industry. The company’s principal business is to process credit card transactions and payments safely and accurately in the 4-party model, composed of the card holder, the card-issuing bank, the merchant, and the merchant’s bank. Our client must be able to authorize a transaction – approve a card … Read More

Low-Code Solution Garners 50% Increase in Productivity for Transportation Company

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client Our client is a large-scale transportation company and long-term Prolifics customer, providing innovative supply chain solutions to a variety of customers throughout North America. Utilizing an integrated, multimodal approach, the company applies technology-driven methods to create the best solution for each customer, adding efficiency, flexibility, and value to their operations. Challenge Our client was struggling to enter metadata … Read More

Gaming Company Reduces Reporting Time from Days to Minutes

Vikesh Kaushal

Database migration cuts costs and creates greater workplace flexibility Our Client Our client, a large, national gaming corporation (NGC), is a gaming and hospitality company based in the Southwest and is currently comprised of more than 25 properties in multiple states. Prolifics is working with NGC to modernize its systems, many of which are older legacies that don’t communicate well. … Read More

Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Company Realizes Efficiencies Through Integration

Vikesh Kaushal

Our client  Our client is a large consumer package goods (CPG) company and a leading producer and seller of meat products, with recognizable national brands.  Challenge  Our client wanted to modernize and integrate its legacy systems, including a move to the cloud. The client had two major business reasons for this: reduce the amount of manual work within its processes, … Read More

Medical Distributor Cuts Automation Time 30% with Low-Code Testing Tool

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client:  Our client is an American company that provides a multitude of healthcare resources, including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, health information technology, and care management tools. We have been providing testing services to them for 20 years.   Challenges:  Our client has more than 400 interfaces and over 40,000 custom database tables within SAP, a massive enterprise software platform on which … Read More

Cruise Line Sails Ahead with Cost-Saving Integrations

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client  In business for more than 50 years, our client is one of the top cruise line systems (CLS) in the world by passenger count. It prides itself on being an innovator in providing world-class hospitality.  Challenge  The COVID-19 pandemic devastated the cruise business, and although it is making a comeback, cruising as a whole is part of a … Read More

Company Upgrades Internal Security Technology with Minimal Downtime

Vikesh Kaushal

With Our Help, Global Payments Company Becomes Early Adopter of Upgraded Technology  Our Client  Our client is a global technology company (GTC) in the payments industry, with the principal business of processing credit card transactions. Our client must be able to authorize a transaction – approve a card tap, chip or swipe – from any one of millions of acceptance … Read More

Stay Safe: Look Out for Ransomware and Phishing

Vikesh Kaushal

By Ranga Yarlagadda Deputy General Manager- Global IT at Prolifics There are a lot of different cyber-attacks that people are unaware of. Here are two of the most common:  Ransomware and phishing are methods hackers use to extort money online. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that prevents you from accessing your computer until you pay a ransom. Phishing … Read More