Test Center of Excellence

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A Test Center of Excellence brings together people, processes, tools, domain knowledge and best practices. Learn how to identify process gaps, define a roadmap and streamline costs to optimize your organization’s testing efforts.

Business Assurance: The New Mentality of IT Solutions

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Business assurance was once a vague guarantee or pledge related to one’s business. Now it is interpreted as making choices and implementing solutions that account for factors that work towards the organization’s betterment. We are not just talking about the Bottom Line, but about everything that must come together to help a business run smoothly and successfully. With this in mind, … Read More

Gamified Data Governance and Employee Engagement

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Gamified Data Governance (GDG) refers to an approach to governance that applies game mechanics to increase participation levels and enable performance monitoring. In a GDG program, the responsibility for Data Governance is taken on by the business and IT user community as a whole. The process uses gamification features, such as points, levels, and awards, to set group targets and … Read More

The Next Generation of DevOps

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The Promise of SOA, Virtualization, and Deployment Automation SOA: Standardization and Governance—or Killing Innovation? In the past, we have tried to solve the problem of large, tightly coupled monolith applications by horizontally splitting our applications using the following principles: Standardized service contracts which allow for loose coupling of services. These also mean that the boundaries of each service are explicit. … Read More

Containerized Build Agents

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DevOps Continuous Delivery Tools from Docker are Rewriting the Provisioning Playbook The Prolifics DevOps Labs focus on creating accelerators for our customers while applying DevOps continuous delivery tools and principles to optimize their software release processes. As a tier-one IBM business partner, many of our accelerators support DevOps automation for apps designed for one of the many IBM runtime platforms. These include IBM BPM … Read More

Improve Customer Engagement by Injecting AI into the Insurance Buying Journey

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The insurance industry is subject to high rates of churn. Customers are constantly hunting for the companies and policies that offer the best prices and value. This puts pressure on companies to find ways to save cost and maintain or increase revenue. Companies have turned to automation to work out more efficient, cost-effective processes. However, there’s traditionally been a certain … Read More

We’re Here for Your Privacy Compliance

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Are you paranoid? Probably not. We’ve all had that feeling, at one time or another, that “Big Brother” is watching us. We search for something online, then ads for it appear on our social media feeds. We purchase something off a website, and we start getting emails for all sorts of related products. Organizations collect our information – our data … Read More

Web, Mobile and Cloud Access Management

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Securing assets is crucial, but so is ensuring that all relevant parties can gain access to those assets across web, mobile, and cloud devices and platforms. Prolifics’ Web, Mobile, and Cloud Access Management Quick Start engages your business to examine its access policies and chart out greater accessibility with enhanced security.                   … Read More

User Authentication Quick Start

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Defending your data and intellectual property is one of the most important parts of keeping your organization secure. Managing access to those resources while protecting them from threats of all types is a narrow line to walk.Prolifics’ User Authentication Quick Start helps businesses re-examine their user authentication strategies and develop a strategy for streamlined and secured access across the enterprise. … Read More

Unlocking Data Science Resources

Pam Roman

The demand for data science is growing far beyond supply. The gap between what companies need and the data science skills that are available in the market is a wide one, and it’s only continuing to grow. This makes developing data science work activities expensive and difficult because of the limited availability of resources. All this puts a serious strain … Read More