Company Upgrades Internal Security Technology with Minimal Downtime

Pam Roman

With Our Help, Global Payments Company Becomes Early Adopter of Upgraded Technology  Our Client  Our client is a global technology company (GTC) in the payments industry, with the principal business of processing credit card transactions. Our client must be able to authorize a transaction – approve a card tap, chip or swipe – from any one of millions of acceptance … Read More

Stay Safe: Look Out for Ransomware and Phishing

Vikesh Kaushal

By Ranga Yarlagadda Deputy General Manager- Global IT at Prolifics There are a lot of different cyber-attacks that people are unaware of. Here are two of the most common:  Ransomware and phishing are methods hackers use to extort money online. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that prevents you from accessing your computer until you pay a ransom. Phishing … Read More

Modernize Your Apps Faster with Prolifics and Mendix

Vikesh Kaushal

When you want to modernize your legacy systems, Prolifics will help you identify whether low code is best for you. What is low code? With low code, you can create portable, scalable apps – fast. What’s one of the best low-code platforms? Mendix. It’s a top leader and visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Mendix significantly cuts development time through reusable and connectable … Read More

Process Mining Uncovers Hidden Inefficiencies for Chemical Distributor  

Pam Roman

Our Client  Our client is a leading producer and distributer (LPD) of chemical fertilizer products for the agricultural industry. Prolifics has provided LPD test automation services for years; this story represents the first expansion of our offerings to them related to process mining and automation.   Challenge  LPD had become aware of process mining as a way to uncover inefficiencies for … Read More

Prolifics’ Kirsten Craft Featured in New IBM Video Series.

Csharlotte Cawili

Prolifics is proud to announce that our Chief Revenue Officer, Kirsten Craft, is featured in IBM’s new video series, “Common Grounds.” In the latest episode, Craft sits down with IBM host Kate Woolley to discuss how IBM and Prolifics work together to help companies in many different industries transform their businesses through technology. Woolley is the General Manager of the … Read More

Modernizing Energy and Utility (E&U) Assets

Pam Roman

Blog by Swati Dora, Prolifics Associate Client Success Leader As a Texas resident in February 2021, I lived and witnessed the major power crisis created by a severe winter storm. Living without power for a week, we suffered shortages of water, food and heat. Not in my wildest dreams had I ever thought of being deprived of these basic necessities … Read More

Why You Need a Cyber Risk Assessment

Pam Roman

As the past few years have shown, cybersecurity threats are on the rise and affect every business sector across the board. The performance of a Cyber Risk assessment will allow your organization to identify, understand and mitigate risk within your environment. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines Risk Assessment as “The process of identifying risks to agency … Read More

A Simple First Solution Clears the Road for this Freight Company

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client This large shipping company (LSC) provides domestic freight and import/export services in six U.S. states. They became our client based the successful solutions and services we provided to their sister company throughout a continuing long-term relationship. Challenge- Who Remembers Visual Basic? LSC’s business and tech challenges are rooted in what happened before they were “large” – that is, … Read More

Global Banking Firm Goes with MuleSoft for Modern Integration

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client This financial institution is a global markets banking specialist (MBS) offering its international customer base commodities and fixed income and currencies products that focus on emerging markets. The organization prides itself on forming strong, lasting relationships with its clients. Challenge At the institution’s foundation is a rich landscape of best-of-breed banking applications, performing core functions related to foreign … Read More

Prolifics Acquires Tier 2 Consulting Limited

Pam Roman

Hyderabad (India); London (UK); Orlando (NA); July 4, 2022 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Tier 2 Consulting Limited. Incorporated and registered in England and Wales, Tier 2 delivers software solutions to its clients using modern, open-source, cloud-native technology, and an agile project approach. The Tier 2 team is composed of full-stack … Read More