A True – and All Too Common – MDM Horror Story

Pam Roman

Blog by Swati Dora, Prolifics Associate Client Success Leader A customer opted in a new email ID as the preferred channel for outage notifications. During a planned outage communication, an “Orchestrator System A” sends out a batch data to “Notification Fulfillment System B.” System B sends out emails to all customers that it received in batch. During the outage, the … Read More

Stay Safe: Look Out for Ransomware and Phishing

Vikesh Kaushal

By Ranga Yarlagadda Deputy General Manager- Global IT at Prolifics There are a lot of different cyber-attacks that people are unaware of. Here are two of the most common:  Ransomware and phishing are methods hackers use to extort money online. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that prevents you from accessing your computer until you pay a ransom. Phishing … Read More

Prolifics’ Kirsten Craft Featured in New IBM Video Series.

Csharlotte Cawili

Prolifics is proud to announce that our Chief Revenue Officer, Kirsten Craft, is featured in IBM’s new video series, “Common Grounds.” In the latest episode, Craft sits down with IBM host Kate Woolley to discuss how IBM and Prolifics work together to help companies in many different industries transform their businesses through technology. Woolley is the General Manager of the … Read More

Modernizing Energy and Utility (E&U) Assets

Pam Roman

Blog by Swati Dora, Prolifics Associate Client Success Leader As a Texas resident in February 2021, I lived and witnessed the major power crisis created by a severe winter storm. Living without power for a week, we suffered shortages of water, food and heat. Not in my wildest dreams had I ever thought of being deprived of these basic necessities … Read More

Why You Need a Cyber Risk Assessment

Pam Roman

As the past few years have shown, cybersecurity threats are on the rise and affect every business sector across the board. The performance of a Cyber Risk assessment will allow your organization to identify, understand and mitigate risk within your environment. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines Risk Assessment as “The process of identifying risks to agency … Read More

Prolifics Acquires Tier 2 Consulting Limited

Pam Roman

Hyderabad (India); London (UK); Orlando (NA); July 4, 2022 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Tier 2 Consulting Limited. Incorporated and registered in England and Wales, Tier 2 delivers software solutions to its clients using modern, open-source, cloud-native technology, and an agile project approach. The Tier 2 team is composed of full-stack … Read More

Still Waiting? Or LOW CODE!

Pam Roman

Prolifics’ Craig Breakspear and Low Code Modernization  When your IT department developers are modernizing old applications or creating a new application for you, they’re generally writing code from scratch or linking together pieces of already written complex code. Low-code platforms take this to the next level – they are made up of reusable, connectable components that already have the complex … Read More

You Have a Cybersecurity Plan – But How Do You Know It Works?

Pam Roman

Enterprise cybersecurity programs take many forms to address unforeseen – and hopefully never occurring – data intrusions into your network. You’ve authored policies and implemented systems, but ultimately time passes. When was the last time your organization tested the cyber readiness of your team? When did you last measure the responsiveness to an attack on your computer network? A “tabletop … Read More

Prolifics Announced as MuleSoft Go-to-Market Retail Champion

Pam Roman

London Software Engineering and digital integration company, Prolifics has been named as a MuleSoft Go-To-Market (GTM) Champion, demonstrating their expert knowledge and experience in solving digital integration challenges for the retail industry. GTM Champions bring experience and insight across the technology landscape. They work with a cross-functional team to develop a joint go-to-market strategy and spend several weeks establishing this … Read More

Prolifics Earns Two Coveted World HRD Congress Awards

Pam Roman

Hyderabad, INDIA, April 2022 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, is proud to announce it received two awards at the 30th edition of the World HRD Congress, held two weeks ago in Mumbai, India. The World HRD Congress honours top initiatives in human resource practices. Prolifics’ awards are: Award for Best Talent Management Award for Innovation on Learning and … Read More