Your Guide to Automation Types

Pam Roman

Know When, and Which, Automation is Right for You You want your business to run smoother, your employees to be more productive, and your company to experience faster growth. The experts tell you that you must embrace automation. But what does that really mean? There are many choices and options based on what you’re trying to do. This blog cuts … Read More

The American Bureau of Shipping Successfully Navigates Data Privacy

Chas Jordan

Our Customer ABS is one of the world’s leading ship classification organizations, committed to setting standards for safety and excellence so that the marine and offshore industries can operate safely, securely and responsibly. For more than 150 years, ABS has worked alongside its partners to tackle the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges. Challenge The American Bureau of Shipping … Read More

A Powerful Data Audit Combination – IBM Streaming Queues and Prolifics GTM

Chas Jordan

What are streaming queues, and what is GTM? Released in July of last year, IBM MQ 9.2.3 added the “streaming queues” feature to IBM MQ queue managers. This feature allows you to configure a queue to put a near-identical copy of every message to a second queue (the streaming queues).  As noted by IBM, “streaming queues can be useful in … Read More

PROLIFICS NEWS – Prolifics Takes First Place in Build a Bot Challenge


ORLANDO, FLA., Feb. 17, 2022 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, is pleased to announce that the Prolifics’ robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent document processing (IDP) solution “IntelliDocs for Healthcare” won the grand prize at the prestigious IBM Build a Bot Challenge for best RPA solution. This IBM Build a Bot event, held between Dec. 15 and Jan. … Read More

Visible, Observable, Auditable – What Integrated Data Should Be

Chas Jordan

Integration is a necessary and ongoing goal for all organizations. You can’t effectively compete if your own internal systems are siloed and don’t communicate well.  So, while integration is key, there are different integration methods that provide great benefits and opportunities to an organization, outside of the integration itself. At Prolifics, we don’t believe that integration should just be a … Read More

“Wow” – A Spot-On Solution for a Parking Facility Management Company

Pam Roman

Our Customer This parking facility management (PFM) company is a leading provider of professional parking management services throughout the United States. Challenge Parking management organizations generate significant revenue if they’re able to offer on-demand parking services to daily commuters and occasional parkers. For our customer, a parking facility management (PFM) company, “marooned” parking data posed a significant challenge. It had … Read More

Optimizing Data Optimizes Theme Park’s Visitor Experience

Pam Roman

Our Customer With locations across the globe, this major theme park company offers fun and entertainment for families of all ages. The Challenge What’s Going On? A major theme park (MTP) decided to undertake the enormous challenge of customizing its guests’ experiences. Their goal was to enable parents to get as much joy and laughter as their kids – while also … Read More

Insurance Provider Claims Win with Stronger Data Analytics

Chas Jordan

Our Customer This health insurance payer (HIP) works with more than 29,000 healthcare providers across its state, serving 11,000 employer groups and more than 3.5 million members.  The Challenge HIP’s priority is to expand client options and access to key services. Increasingly cost-prohibitive analytics and business intelligence tools, however, put this goal in jeopardy. HIP’s existing analytics and BI platform … Read More

Mortgage Lender Opens Door to Better Opportunities for Home Buyers

Pam Roman

Our Customer This industry-leading mortgage lending company helps its clients buy, build, remodel, or refinance, by offering a variety of loan options and guiding clients through the mortgage process. The Challenge An industry-leading mortgage lending company (MLC) was having trouble optimizing the loan origination process, ensuring loans were of high quality, tracking the costs of individual loans, and leveraging data … Read More