Modernize Your Apps Faster with Prolifics and Mendix

Vikesh Kaushal

When you want to modernize your legacy systems, Prolifics will help you identify whether low code is best for you. What is low code? With low code, you can create portable, scalable apps – fast. What’s one of the best low-code platforms? Mendix. It’s a top leader and visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Mendix significantly cuts development time through reusable and connectable … Read More

IntelliDocs -Simplifying the Healthcare Prior Authorization Process

Pam Roman

IntelliDocs for Healthcare recently won the grand prize at the prestigious IBM Build a Bot Challenge for best RPA solution. IntelliDocs is a digital worker solution that automates the healthcare prior authorization process. Watch the video below for more of the IntelliDocs story and a demo of the bot in action. Read about our other Build a Bot achievements here.

Hope – A Mental Health Assessment Tool

Chas Jordan

“Hope,” recently won the third-place prize in the prestigious IBM Build a Bot Challenge. Hope is an AI powered, automated mental health assessment tool. To read more about Hope, click here. This video provides an overview of how Hope works. Want to learn more? For more information about Hope or any of our AI-powered solutions, please complete the form below. … Read More

Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science

Pam Roman

Prolifics and IBM data science experts discuss getting your tech environment ready for modern data science projects and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Our team covers key re-platforming considerations, diverse talent and diverse tools, and how to get started with Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Prolifics’ Out-of-the-Box Business Approach

Pam Roman

Out-of-the-box thinking – it’s thinking in a new, imaginative and innovative way that delivers creative solutions with quality results. During IBM’s Think, the Cube’s Victor Dabrinze interviewed our own Kirsten Craft, Head of Business Development and Marketing here at Prolifics, to learn more about this approach and how it helps Prolifics’ clients gain advantage in their space!

Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science for All- Webinar with IBM

Pam Roman

This second session of a 5 part series explored the topic of replatforming your legacy tooling to be ready for modern data science and AI. To succeed in AI, in addition to implementing new capabilities, you need to retire technical debt and bring all contributors in a unified environment. Dr. Michael Gonzales, Chief Data Scientist with Prolifics, Julianna DeLua, SME … Read More

Data Governance – Critical Data First

Pam Roman

Often new data governance programs take on too much, then stall or fail. In this video you’ll learn how to find and govern your most sensitive data first – creating an early win and setting yourself up for success. This talk is led by data governance experts John Radi, Global Sales Leader, Data and Analytics with Prolifics, Brian Kordelski, CRO … Read More

Prolifics Quick FHIR Story Starts with People

Pam Roman

Today’s massive volume of healthcare data creates challenges with data complexity, data format, data locations and data consent. Prolifics developed its Quick FHIR solution to rapidly standardize healthcare data using HL7’s FHIR standard, using IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Integration to extract it from different sources, remove data quality issues and securely share across the system. … Read More

Geek Out on Data Privacy

Pam Roman

Do you have consumer data anywhere in your organization? Of course you do. Then this installment of Prolifics’ Geek Out series is crucial for you. Yep – it’s all about data privacy. Data privacy is not slowing down or going away. More governments at all levels are proposing and adopting privacy regulations. You’re going to have to deal with it … Read More