Digital Workers And The Future Of Hyperautomation

Prolifics Insights

Automation is increasingly transitioning from the stuff of science fiction to a reality capable of improving productivity and profitability. One of the most promising developments involves the concept of digital workers, which promise to transform nearly every aspect of the modern workforce. They form a core element of business process automation (BPA), in which time-consuming and data-heavy processes are automated to improve workflow. … Read More

What Robot Do You Need?

Pam Roman

There are lots of robots out there – from the Class M3 Model B9 in “Lost in Space” to the funny-talking Terminator to Michael Jackson’s robot moves in “Dancing Machine.” But, the real robot – or just plain “bot” – you’re probably looking for is something to help your business run smoother and your employees to do more productive work. … Read More

Get Control of Your PPP Loan Processes – Let Archie Help!

Pam Roman

Meet Archie, the digital worker that will help you and your team process PPP loans faster and with better accuracy – so you can relieve some of the stress on your employees and make sure your customers stay satisfied.