Financial Services Company Gains Faster Access and Enhanced Security for Applications

Pam Roman

Automation efforts provide access to applications in a single click  Our client protects the integrity of financial markets by delivering world-class risk management, clearing and settlement services for options, futures, OTC and securities lending transactions. In its role as guarantor and central counterparty, our client ensures that the obligations of the contracts it clears are fulfilled. We have been working … Read More

A Simple First Solution Clears the Road for this Freight Company

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client This large shipping company (LSC) provides domestic freight and import/export services in six U.S. states. They became our client based the successful solutions and services we provided to their sister company throughout a continuing long-term relationship. Challenge- Who Remembers Visual Basic? LSC’s business and tech challenges are rooted in what happened before they were “large” – that is, … Read More

Migrating Away from SAS – You Can Do It!

Pam Roman

Statistical Analytics System (SAS) is software used for data analysis. It’s the most widely used data science platform across the globe, so if your organization uses it, you’re in good company. However, SAS is a legacy environment that many organizations find problematic. As with any mature legacy system with tentacles wending their way through an organization’s operating systems, a SAS environment requires … Read More

Healthcare Data’s Migration to Azure a Roadmap for Success

Pam Roman

Our client is a Fortune 500 health insurance provider (HIP), and one of the largest in the United States. About our Client Challenge A Common Story – Multiple Legacy Components Stall Company Growth HIP’s story is a common one. As their company grew, they’d purchase a license here or some storage space there to keep up with their growing business. … Read More