Healthcare Integration Kit

Pam Roman

Healthcare professionals depend on accurate and efficient system communication to support patient care. When diverse resources within a healthcare ecosystem can’t communicate with each other, operational efficiency quickly suffers. It’s never an acceptable outcome, but it becomes even more of a threat when a person’s critical care is at stake. Prolifics can help. We provide integration solutions that enable effective … Read More

Hybrid Cloud Platform Becomes a Reality with PureApplication

Prolifics Insights

Prolifics and the Company shared a vision of a first-of-its-kind hybrid cloud platform built on IBM PureApplication System. The solution simplifies and automates application deployment and ongoing maintenance using custom-built patterns, resulting in increased speed, consistency and repeatability across the enterprise.

Broadcast Music Inc Rules the Charts

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To meet the challenge of a radically-changing music industry, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is focused on transforming their services and how they are delivered with a robust SOA foundation that allows for faster time to market and future growth. DOWNLOAD NOW

The Next Generation of DevOps

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The Promise of SOA, Virtualization, and Deployment Automation SOA: Standardization and Governance—or Killing Innovation? In the past, we have tried to solve the problem of large, tightly coupled monolith applications by horizontally splitting our applications using the following principles: Standardized service contracts which allow for loose coupling of services. These also mean that the boundaries of each service are explicit. … Read More

Containerized Build Agents

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DevOps Continuous Delivery Tools from Docker are Rewriting the Provisioning Playbook The Prolifics DevOps Labs focus on creating accelerators for our customers while applying DevOps continuous delivery tools and principles to optimize their software release processes. As a tier-one IBM business partner, many of our accelerators support DevOps automation for apps designed for one of the many IBM runtime platforms. These include IBM BPM … Read More