Stay Safe: Look Out for Ransomware and Phishing

Vikesh Kaushal

By Ranga Yarlagadda Deputy General Manager- Global IT at Prolifics There are a lot of different cyber-attacks that people are unaware of. Here are two of the most common:  Ransomware and phishing are methods hackers use to extort money online. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that prevents you from accessing your computer until you pay a ransom. Phishing … Read More

Company Upgrades Internal Security Technology with Minimal Downtime

Pam Roman

With Our Help, Global Payments Company Becomes Early Adopter of Upgraded Technology  Our client is a global technology company (GTC) in the payments industry, with the principal business of processing credit card transactions. Our client must be able to authorize a transaction – approve a card tap, chip or swipe – from any one of millions of acceptance locations, against … Read More

You Have a Cybersecurity Plan – But How Do You Know It Works?

Pam Roman

Enterprise cybersecurity programs take many forms to address unforeseen – and hopefully never occurring – data intrusions into your network. You’ve authored policies and implemented systems, but ultimately time passes. When was the last time your organization tested the cyber readiness of your team? When did you last measure the responsiveness to an attack on your computer network? A “tabletop … Read More