Modern Integration Means Better Data Flow for Distributor

Pam Roman

About our client – and an ongoing journey Our client, a medical and dental supplies company (MDSC), is based in New York State. With more than 25 distribution centers, it ships products around the world. Our original MDSC article involved outdated systems being handled expertly by older, but retiring, employees. MDSC could not attract younger workers for the old systems. … Read More

Building Data Lineage in Financial Services

Pam Roman

Download PDF Data lineage compliance issues led a financial institution to turn to Prolifics for assistance.Our experts leveraged the Prolifics Metadata Bridge to gather metadata on data movement and location, fill lineage gaps, and enable reporting that has a complete understanding of how data moves through the enterprise.

Transforming an Insurer’s Data Management Strategy

Pam Roman

Download PDF The Company, a multinational workplace health insurer, needed to shift to become a data-driven enterprise. It suffered from inefficient data management and high operating costs. Greater agility was required to respond to business pressures.Prolifics helped the Company digitally transform its data delivery infrastructure with MDM, modernizing it for today’s market. Its world-class data infrastructure and automated business processes … Read More

Financial Services Leader Secures and Streamlines Critical Data

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A Prolifics Case Study – Data Governance Our customer is an international leader in financial services and wealth management with more than 1 million clients and a trillion dollars in insured assets. As you can imagine, a company this size manages tremendous amounts of data, and the data continues to grow. The solution – a comprehensive data governance program that … Read More

Innovation Sandbox 1:2 – Take a BYTE Out of Data

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Data Fabric and Data Lineage are two terms we see a lot – on websites, in blogs and technical papers – but what’s the relevance? What do we really need to understand about our data and its power? Manta and Talend send their data experts to visit the Innovation Sandbox. Ernie Ostic (M) and Rolf Heimes (T) answer questions about … Read More

Data Fabric and Data Lineage – The Basics

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“The fabric of our lives.” We all know this as a phrase the cotton industry has used for years. But given the exponential flood of information we devour today, there’s really a new fabric that all organizations need to understand and live with – data fabric. And as that data fabric is weaved, it’s important to know where the data … Read More

It Starts with Data – A Conversation with Prolifics and Talend

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Is your company doing all it can to grow and thrive in today’s new normal? Your data may hold the key. Big digital transformation investments have given way to smaller projects that focus on lowering costs and customer churn, and increasing margins and sales. It starts with data – finding your data, knowing you can trust it, and who uses it.  … Read More

Tell Me More About Entity Resolution and Jeff Jonas

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We’re in the era of data – tsunamis of data, in fact, that are growing exponentially. With it comes concerns about what we can learn from the data – separating the melody from the noise – as well as overcoming worries surrounding privacy and fraud. Entity resolution (ER) is an important tool used to address these data issues. On the … Read More

CCPA Jump Start

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Do you do business with anyone who’s considered a legal resident of California … and do you hold data on California customers that’s categorized as personal identifiable information (PII) under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? If so, it’s not too late to ensure your company is compliant with the CCPA. Being compliant requires a controlled methodology and industry-leading solutions … Read More

Are You Ready for Data Privacy Compliance?

Pam Roman

The California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation are only the start of the move to more stringent data privacy laws for businesses across the globe. Will you be ready when data privacy comes knocking at your door? Your customers want control over how her information is used by customers like yours. The CCPA in California … Read More