Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science

Pam Roman

Prolifics and IBM data science experts discuss getting your tech environment ready for modern data science projects and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Our team covers key re-platforming considerations, diverse talent and diverse tools, and how to get started with Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Data Science Teams Create Efficiencies for Health Insurance Provider

Prolifics Insights

Data science can pull meaningful, actionable insights out of your data that can benefit your business in a big way – when it’s done correctly. Technology is obviously a major component of data science, but people and processes are equally important. If the people and processes in the “data supply chain” aren’t operating effectively, no amount of technology will give … Read More

Data Meet Digital

Pam Roman

Digital + data + data science = vision to value, faster. That’s the message shared in this presentation hosted by DCO Canada and presented by Chief Data Scientist Michael Gonzales. The conversation starts with this quote from an article published through the Harvard Business Journal* – The worst mistake a company can make is to hire data scientists, give them … Read More

Data Fabric and Data Lineage – The Basics

Pam Roman

“The fabric of our lives.” We all know this as a phrase the cotton industry has used for years. But given the exponential flood of information we devour today, there’s really a new fabric that all organizations need to understand and live with – data fabric. And as that data fabric is weaved, it’s important to know where the data … Read More

It Starts with Data – A Conversation with Prolifics and Talend

Pam Roman

Is your company doing all it can to grow and thrive in today’s new normal? Your data may hold the key. Big digital transformation investments have given way to smaller projects that focus on lowering costs and customer churn, and increasing margins and sales. It starts with data – finding your data, knowing you can trust it, and who uses it.  … Read More