Global Banking Firm Goes with MuleSoft for Modern Integration

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client This financial institution is a global markets banking specialist (MBS) offering its international customer base commodities and fixed income and currencies products that focus on emerging markets. The organization prides itself on forming strong, lasting relationships with its clients. Challenge At the institution’s foundation is a rich landscape of best-of-breed banking applications, performing core functions related to foreign … Read More

Building Data Lineage in Financial Services

Pam Roman

Download PDF Data lineage compliance issues led a financial institution to turn to Prolifics for assistance.Our experts leveraged the Prolifics Metadata Bridge to gather metadata on data movement and location, fill lineage gaps, and enable reporting that has a complete understanding of how data moves through the enterprise.

Three Reasons a Digital Loan Coworker Makes Sense

Pam Roman

If you’re a lender, or in IT for a lender, you’re experiencing the changes of the “New Normal” in very specific ways. Interest rates are at historic lows – but what will that really do for mortgage demand? The Paycheck Protection Program PPP came through like a hurricane – so what’s next? My employees have been through a lot of … Read More

Lenders – Are You Ready for PPP, Part 2: Forgiveness?

Pam Roman

Within just a few weeks, many lenders faced a hurricane of anxious customers and their paperwork for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. It may feel like we’re now in the calm eye of that hurricane, but it’s not over. The back end of the same hurricane is fast approaching in the form of PPP loan forgiveness. Often where a hurricane … Read More

Prolifics Open Banking SaaS Solution Recognized by IBM

Pam Roman

We’re excited to announce that Prolifics’ Innovation through Open Banking solution is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in the “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” category. The Prolifics UK Innovation Lab originally implemented the solution for a large British banking organization and has since implemented it at multiple major banks in the UK. “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who … Read More

Prolifics Recognized as IBM 2020 Beacon Award Finalist

Pam Roman

We’re proud to share the news! Prolifics is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in two categories – “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” and “Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare solution.” “IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who strive to enhance client experiences, drive business growth, and change the world…The IBM Beacon Award recognizes Business Partners worldwide who use IBM products and … Read More

7 Questions to Ask About PPP Automation

Pam Roman

Many industries are experiencing unfortunate spikes in activity due to COVID-19. The economic impact of the virus and the related government stimulus is creating an influx of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications, and bankers and lenders are seeing swamped staffs and nervous customers. If this is all too familiar to you, you’re probably already looking for help. Your research says … Read More

Get Control of Your PPP Loan Processes – Let Archie Help!

Pam Roman

Meet Archie, the digital worker that will help you and your team process PPP loans faster and with better accuracy – so you can relieve some of the stress on your employees and make sure your customers stay satisfied.

Ornge Gains Efficiency in Financial Processes

Pam Roman

Ornge is committed to extending the reach of healthcare in Ontario. It’s strength is helping people, not building digital systems. So when the not-for-profit experienced signicant growth and needed to upgrade its system to better manage its financial data, it chose Prolifics to get the job done.

Autonomous Cloud Scaling at a Financial Organization

Prolifics Insights

Download PDF The Company is a major global mutual fund and financial services organization. Its systems undergo substantial spikes in load each day as the trading market closes.The Company needed a solution to autonomously manage traffic, mainframe requirements, and cloud scaling. Prolifics helped put the right solution in place. The system scales to meet demand and increases visibility into scaling … Read More