Automating Risk Reporting in Financial Services

Pam Roman

Download PDF When an audit identified exposures in a financial organization’s processes, it became apparent that the Company’s approach to risk management reporting was limited and costly. Reporting involved extensive manual effort, and was supported by spreadsheets and workbooks that were difficult and time-consuming to use, introducing errors and delays into the process. Prolifics introduced a data governance and automation … Read More

Mortgage Banking Technology Solutions

Pam Roman

Download PDF Prolifics’ technology specialists can implement solutions across all mortgage banking platforms that enable your organization to meet your objectives while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

User Authentication Quick Start

Prolifics Insights

Defending your data and intellectual property is one of the most important parts of keeping your organization secure. Managing access to those resources while protecting them from threats of all types is a narrow line to walk.Prolifics’ User Authentication Quick Start helps businesses re-examine their user authentication strategies and develop a strategy for streamlined and secured access across the enterprise. … Read More

Unlocking Data Science Resources

Pam Roman

The demand for data science is growing far beyond supply. The gap between what companies need and the data science skills that are available in the market is a wide one, and it’s only continuing to grow. This makes developing data science work activities expensive and difficult because of the limited availability of resources. All this puts a serious strain … Read More