Subscriptions Up, Operating Cost Down for Financial Services Company

Vikesh Kaushal

A Data Management Modernization Story Our client, a financial services company (FSC), provides identity; authentication; payment and deposit verification; and payment solutions to more than 2,500 subscribing companies. FSC’s products let people and businesses digitally send and receive payments easily.  Challenge FSC is modernizing the technologies that support its core processes, including architecture, infrastructure, applications and data practices. Because they … Read More

FHIR-Based Regulations are Just Around the Corner

Prolifics Insights

Due to COVID-19, CMS has delayed enforcement of the Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs of its FHIR-based CMS-9115-F final rule by six months, from January 2021 to July 2021. So, while there’s a little more breathing room, don’t wait – those six extra months will go by fast. You really need to address the deadline – now. You already … Read More