Process Mining Uncovers Hidden Inefficiencies for Chemical Distributor  

Pam Roman

Our Client  Our client is a leading producer and distributer (LPD) of chemical fertilizer products for the agricultural industry. Prolifics has provided LPD test automation services for years; this story represents the first expansion of our offerings to them related to process mining and automation.   Challenge  LPD had become aware of process mining as a way to uncover inefficiencies for … Read More

Collaborative, DevOps Approach Modernizes​ Systems Quickly

Chas Jordan

Our Client Our client is a UK leader in resource management services (RMS) and outsourced recycling services. This is a new client for Prolifics; MuleSoft introduced us. RMS chose Prolifics in part due to our DevOps expertise and hybrid delivery model. Challenge Over the past few years RMS has undertaken a massive business expansion – acquiring a lot of other … Read More

Modernizing Supply Management with “More Data More Quickly”

Chas Jordan

Our Customer This leading manufacturing company (LMC) is a top provider of industrial equipment, parts, sales, service and support. The Challenge: Leaving Legacy Behind LMC’s commitment to quality and performance has generated substantial growth, and they’re now far and away the leader in their market vertical. Always innovative, LMC’s new mobile applications enable customers to quickly diagnose industrial issues on … Read More