Database Migration Creates Significant Savings for Financial Services Company

Pam Roman

Software upgrade set to increase accessibility and reduce operating costs  Our client is a non-profit credit union assisting more than 60,000 customers in 17 markets to 100 branches and offices. They have been a Prolifics client for more than a decade.   Our Client Challenge   With their number of registered accounts continuing to increase, it’s reasonable to think that the credit … Read More

A Simple First Solution Clears the Road for this Freight Company

Vikesh Kaushal

Our Client This large shipping company (LSC) provides domestic freight and import/export services in six U.S. states. They became our client based the successful solutions and services we provided to their sister company throughout a continuing long-term relationship. Challenge- Who Remembers Visual Basic? LSC’s business and tech challenges are rooted in what happened before they were “large” – that is, … Read More

The Shape of Today’s Cloud – 7 Things You Need to Consider

Pam Roman

As kids (okay, and as adults too), we’d gaze at the shapes of clouds in the sky and talk about what they looked like to us. Today, in a technology context, the shape of your cloud takes on a whole new, and much more important, meaning when you’re talking cloud migration.   Whether you’re leaving your on-prem systems behind, or looking to jump from your current cloud set-up, you need to take a hard look at your prospective new cloud homes. … Read More

Healthcare Data’s Migration to Azure a Roadmap for Success

Pam Roman

Our client is a Fortune 500 health insurance provider (HIP), and one of the largest in the United States. About our Client Challenge A Common Story – Multiple Legacy Components Stall Company Growth HIP’s story is a common one. As their company grew, they’d purchase a license here or some storage space there to keep up with their growing business. … Read More

Start-Up Gets Started Faster – With Agile Methodology

Pam Roman

PainScript connects physicians with their chronic pain and substance use disorder (SUD) patients daily by tracking medication and care plan adherence through an easy-to-use, clinically validated app. They provide physicians with detailed patient insight, a HIPAA-compliant clinical dashboard, and tools for medication monitoring.  About our Client Challenge   Bringing an idea to life – quickly A psychiatry practice was looking for ways to effectively monitor patients with chronic pain and substance use disorders. They found that with traditional, in-person appointments there … Read More